Terms of use

All www.entersoft.grwww.entersoft.euwww.entersoft.rowww.entersoft.bg are websites created by Entersoft SA. with registered office at 362 Syggrou Avenue & Evripidou Str. Kallithea, which is legally represented with register number 52460/01ΝΤ/Β/02/200, VAT Number 999864122 FAE PIREAUS, tel. 210-9525001 and email address info@entersoft.gr

The following terms and conditions apply when above Entersoft’s websites of are in use. The use of our websites constitutes the unconditional acceptance of the following terms, without any exception. All terms should be read thoroughly. The use of Entersoft’s websites is explicitly forbidden unless the present terms and conditions are fully accepted. The use of our websites indicates full acceptance of the terms and conditions set by Entersoft SA.

All visitors of our websites agree that:

  • Will use their real identification data (last name, first name, address, email address) when filling in the relevant fields of personal information.
  • They will use the website according to the law and good morals and they will avoid any action or omission of action, which may cause damage to it or any other user.
  • It is specifically forbidden to use the Company’s services for any illegal purpose, suggestively including publishing of pornographic material, piratical material, stolen files, republishing of material without permission of the publisher as well as concession of rights of intellectual property, email massive sending without the receivers’ approval and the reference of the senders’ identity. Anyone using or attempting to motivate the visitors of the web-pages to use through links towards webpages with the above content or practices, can lead to immediate termination of their cooperation with Entersoft SA, who reserves the right to claim any compensation for any damage or loss it may suffer from the above illegal behaviour.

Entersoft SA reserves the right to amend or freely review the terms and conditions of its websites, whenever necessary and undertakes the obligation to inform the visitors for any such amendment through the web-pages of the specific websites.

Rights of intellectual property of the content (including texts, graphics, images, photos and software) and the services of the website, which are or will be uploaded to the internet, are protected by the Greek, European and International laws regarding intellectual property and they belong exclusively to Entersoft SA. It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce and rebroadcast material, without the company’s written permission, as they are offered to users only for private use (nonprofit or commercial).

Names, images, logos and distinctive signs, which represent the website together with the trademark Entersoft, or third party ones, including their products or services are exclusive trademarks of Entersoft SA or third party and are protected by the relevant laws concerning trademarks. Their existence in the website cannot in any way be considered as transfer, concession or permission of the right to use them.

Entersoft SA declares that the content, products and services provided through the websites is “AS IS”. Entersoft SA makes every possible effort to provide high quality services, however, cannot guarantee that there will be no interruption, error or malicious element in the contents of the website and consequently bears no responsibility for any damage that may be caused in case of network or system unavailability. Therefore the Company has no responsibility for any problems that may arise from and in uploading the website content to the user’s server.

The Company has no responsibility for the content of information which appears through its servers’ network. It cannot guarantee or be held liable of any information uploaded on the websites through or because of its services or for the commercial or personal solvency of any person appearing on the Internet and is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any user / visitor or those who deal and transact with them, including the loss of data, because of delay or termination of services for any cause, mistake or omission, nor is responsible for any damage or claim of legal civil or penal nature from users of the websites. Visitors agree to use the websites on their own responsibility.

Declaration of Confidentiality

Questions, petition forms which are filled in and in general emails are considered to be confidential.

Information provided to us is used solely for the purpose of responding by email and is not transferred to anyone else but the interested receiver. Furthermore, in case the company is asked by law or considers the content of the messages to be damaging for itself, the above data will be transferred to authorities in order;

  • To protect the company against the law, unauthorized and in general bad use of its websites.
  • To protect the users’ security and property.
  • To protect our legal rights and our property.


Entersoft SA has the right to add and amend the content or the services of its websites, as well as the terms of use, whenever it considers it to be necessary without any former notification and only through an announcement through its websites.

Any reference or link to another site is provided for user convenience only and the company bears no responsibility for the contents, products and services provided in those sites or of any link which is included in any relevant site or for any alteration or update status of those sites.

The present terms of use of the above websites comply with the Greek, European and International legislation and are interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics as well as social and financial scope of the right. In case any term or condition is judged as invalid or voidable, the nullity or bypassing has no effect on the other terms.