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Do you have a “package”? Integration with courier!

For the daily needs of shipments to customers, the cooperation and two-way communication with the courier service is automated within a single user interface, without phone calls, paper exchange, etc. (mass creation of vouchers, Cost, Smart tracking of shipments, Feedback). Connectors with the APIs of many companies (ACS, UPS, TNT, EASY MAIL, GENERAL POST, Svuum)


How to target and reach customers

The clientele segmentation studio allows, through an easy graphical user interface, the analysis and audience targeting based on multiple criteria (demographic, geographical, purchasing behavior, etc.), creating “segments” of customers, directly exploitable by the campaign marketing subsystem.


Βanking transactions “by hand”?

Utilization of financial technology (Fintech services), for the execution of a series of banking transactions (eg payments, transactions, balances, etc.), with the possibility of transaction entries without typing, without visits to physical stores and with enhanced security (security & application logging).


From the on-field order … to the warehouse and real-time information on the spot!

Integrated business process for ordering from the salesman located at the point (POS), approval and credit control, routing at the Warehouse, order collection and notification on the mobile device for the progress of the order. An example of how different systems, departments & roles are coordinated and orchestrated, working on a single platform.

#Content mgt

All items, single and central, available everywhere…

Central organization and maintenance of product data (features, images, prices, offers, brochures, manuals, warranties, compatible items, alternatives, accessories, variants, colors, properties, etc.) for use in ERP, CRM, WMS, mobile devices, corporate portal, online store or any integration with third-party systems.


See the Server… from anywhere!

Easy remote access to the server to check its status (load, users and other metrics) and perform admin actions such as file cleaning, backup process, server restart, change of user password and other actions for the smooth operation of the system.

#Enterprise mobility

Do your job… “on-the-field”

Customer tab, Orders, Unpaid invoices, Checks, Balance history, Items purchased by the customer, Meeting history and fully updated 360° customer-point image, immediately available on the mobile device (without excel prints or local files). Update data with one button (sync).