New Releases

Your business software is one of the most important tools with which you can control your enterprise’s processes and achieve your goals and objectives.

Contemporary business software should evolve over time and be prompt to provide the agility required to adapt into a constantly changing business environment. Scalable business software sustains the performance of your investment.

Your Entersoft business software is constantly evolving in the following dimensions:  

1. Contemporary Business Practices

New processes are incorporated to facilitate and speed up workflows, minimize operational costs, increase efficiency and overall business effectiveness.

  • The new Role-Based user interface simplified user experience by providing quick access to all functionalities required according to the user’s role in the business.
  • Additionally, connectivity with other applications, such as latest Microsoft Office, Interfaces with Banks, with Courier companies, etc.
  • Entersoft responded to the evolving needs of Business Intelligence reporting with up-to-date visual reports, such as static and interactive Dashboards, new ready to use Reports and KPIs, to analyze and support a vast range of businesses. These reports can be specialized to fulfill the needs of the different business roles within a firm. Updated functionality that provides instant valuable insight based on each business role, to support informed decision making and improved performance.

2. Legislative adjustments

Your Entersoft business software is updated immediately in case legislative changes happen which affect the operation of the enterprise and its legal obligations associated with the software. In this aspect Entersoft provides detailed instructions over additions and changes, such as, Update Readmes, Knowledge Base and Customer Support.

3. Technological upgrade

Evolving technology improves systems’ speed and efficiency and empowers competitiveness, since it offers:

  1. Increased safety of the installation and the data
  2. Better, faster and easier data management of larger volumes and new forms of data, such as images, sound, word documents, and more.
  3. Smooth transition
  4. Frameworks Evolution
  5. Progress of database systems

Entersoft New Releases ensures that your contemporary Entersoft business software remains up-to-date. Escalate the return of your investment by accelerating your business performance.  

  1. Simultaneous improvement of the enterprise and the software provide a stable user interface enabling personnel exploit existing knowledge and enhance efficiency.
  2. The transition to new versions is smooth and the new features and benefits they offer are exploited quickly.
  3. The updated Releases of your Entersoft software ensure the seamless support and optimized operation of your enterprise software. Versions older than 18 months are not supported.
  4. Benefit from the new features of the New Releases

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