E N T E R S O F T   S C M  360

The No 1 Logistics technology provider

The Entersoft SCM 360 suite offers a comprehensive approach to Supply Chain management, combining software, analytics, hardware, automations and services, with a continuous investment in innovation. Dominant solutions, focusing on productivity and reduced operating costs, able to cover logistics projects of any size and complexity.

The leading Supply Chain Management platform.

With rich technological tools and straight procedures, aberon is at the core of the Entersoft SCM 360 suite, offering features that cover warehouses of all sizes and complexity, up to fully automated distribution centers. With its flexible, modular and scalable architecture, aberon is the basis for developing innovative Supply Chain management solutions.

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The absolute ally of the Supply Chain.

The technologically advanced Entersoft WMS, part of the Entersoft SCM 360, has functionalities that support decision-making on day-to-day business processes, reducing the complexity of operations, reducing costs and efficiently managing all Warehouse resources.

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The challenge of Inventory Planning.

The Inventory Planning system, part of the Entersoft SCM 360, predicts future demand and automatically creates a plan to replenish the inventories of the central Warehouse, with visible results in reducing inventories, avoiding shortages and upgrading customer service.

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The key to Stores’ Supplying.

The Smart Store replenishment, part of the Entersoft SCM 360, plans the stocks of the Retail Chain stores and automatically creates their feedback orders, ensuring the optimal utilization of the available stocks of the central warehouse, with their most rational distribution at the points of sale.

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Accuracy, speed, flexibility in handling Warehouses’ procedures.

The Automation Suite of Entersoft SCM 360 platform includes a number of innovative automations, fully integrated in SCM 360 Warehouse Management systems, offering a fully automated work environment that promotes operational efficiency.

  • Pick by Light
  • Put to Light
  • Pick Cart
  • Multi Order Picker
  • Voice Picking
  • Vision Picking
  • Data Collector
  • Smart Conveyor
  • RFID
The last mile of the Supply Chain.

Combined with all WMS applications of Entersoft SCM 360, PoD automates the process of order delivery at the driver/vehicle/route level, while providing real time central monitoring of all delivery activities and their progress through a portal.

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Proposal to organize in stages



  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Enterprise Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Automations &



  • Guided collection & picking systems
  • Advanced storage techniques
  • Advanced picking technologies (voice, light, augmented reality…)
  • Routing - distribution optimization

Connection &



  • Automated information flow between systems, messaging
  • Connection to Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
  • Use of IoT devices
  • Implementation of Cloud solutions for big data management




  • Advanced data analysis
  • What-if scenarios
  • Forecasting
  • Planning

Automation in

decision making


  • AI – Machine learning
  • Use of smart robots, cobots, vehicles
  • Automated stock replenishment
  • Alert systems, event driven business flows
  • Dynamic Routing

Strong experience in vertical markets

Distribution & Transportation
Food & Beverage | FMCG
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Fashion & Footwear
Retail & e-Commerce
Supply chain - 3PL/4PL
Technological equipment
Telco & Media
Benefits of warehouse organization
Eliminate mistakes during orders preparation
Reduction of order delivery time
Immediate response to urgent orders
Optimization in the manner & time of loading, shipping
Increasing the capacity of the transport network
Reduction of storage time
Reduction of excess stock
Improvement of the efficiency of means of transport & fixed assets
Cost reduction from expired lots
Μείωση των reverse logistics
Fast order preparation
Minimize inventory execution time
Increased picking accuracy
Improve receipt and storage performance
24-hour operation of distribution centers without interruption through the use of robots
Reduction of reverse logistics

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Applications for every "link" of the supply chain...

...from the creation need to the final customer service

Solutions for the whole business ecosystem...

…with all the technologies - "accelerators" of the digital transformation

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