Entersoft Retail

“The integrated retail solution”

Entersoft Retail® is a contemporary, standalone software application specifically designed for the retail industry, with both online and offline functionality and fully integrated with ERP and CRM.

Automate your workflows and speed up processes to minimize operational costs and increase overall efficiency while providing better customer support and advanced customer experience.

Entersoft Retail® provides you with real time information and powerful customized stock replenishment scenarios, in all possible ways, intra-shop, shop to supplier, HQ to suppliers and more, optimizing supply chain management.


You can effectively manage and update your pricing policies, promos, discounts, campaigns and more throughout your entire retail network or even selectively at the time you apply them, for as long as you decide. Get the agility and control you need over your campaigns and stay ahead in your highly demanding market needs.

Entersoft Retail® supports comprehensively the Retail Cycle, including orders, receipts, sales, payments, invoicing, returns (RMAs), multiple costing procedures, powerful stock replenishment proposals, and incorporates best practices to perfectly fit your market needs, making implementation easier and faster.

The application offers a comprehensive and powerful Reporting system. Acquire real time information and analytics of your sales per item, group of products, per shop, branch, area, cashier, hour, and so forth instantaneously.


Benefit from Entersoft Retail® broad functionality and get:

  • Membership/Loyalty Card Management (Bonus Cards)
  • RMAs
  • Store Stock Replenishment
  • Credit Card Clearing
  • Point Of Sales Management (POS)
  • ΑΤΜ Systems Interface
  • Electronic Shelf Labels Interface

Some Of Our Customers Say ...

”In order to respond to the highly competitive retail industry, we needed a credible tool to receive and process any information, whenever and just as needed, unified across our chain. After a detailed market survey, we chose Entersoft Business Suite®, with which we can implement all ordering processes with our members and suppliers, combine all the elements from our chain sales members, our customer profile , our stocks, our costs, etc. and make timely decisions and actions.”

M. Tsigonakis ELECTRONET, Director of Informatics

“The dynamic growth of our company, as well as the increased need for unified operation and information required the replacement of our systems. We chose Entersoft Business Suite® to ensure a unified IT environment that fully meets our increased needs and supports the expansion of our company.”

D. Politopoulos Chief Executive Officer of Brewer Macedonia Thrace

“Entersoft Retail, is in full operation since some months in a large scale in our network. Our new software system is integrated and provides a user friendly working environment. Due to the system’s impressive capabilities we can offer qualitative support to our franchisees with contemporary tools, and moreover, it provides us with real time information thus reinforcing our competitiveness.”

Iosif Kollaros Managing Director, Calin

Other Products

Entersoft Business Suite®

is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, WMS, xVan and Business Intelligence applications.

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Entersoft Expert®

is an integrated ready-to-run ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile and Business Intelligence business software for up to 10 users.

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Entersoft Retail®

is a contemporary, standalone software application specifically designed for the retail industry with hybrid functionality (online and offline) and fully integrated with ERP, CRM and E-Commerce.

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Entersoft WMS®

is part of the Entersoft Business Suite of products, is a modern, state-of-the-art software solution, for warehouses

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Entersoft Mobile Field Service®

facilitates and optimizes service management overall quality. Plan your Service schedules and set priorities, optimizing your resources and minimizing transportation and handling costs.

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Entersoft Mobile xVan®

is a part of the Entersoft CRM integrated information system. It is addressed to companies that sell their products and / or services to their final customers (B2B) with the philosophy of mobile invoicing (xVan).

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Entersoft Mobile MedRep®

A Medical Representative has access through smartphones and tablet devices to all the information he needs about the places he visits and related to the products he promotes, as if he was in the office.

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Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA®

amplifies the effectiveness of your mobile sales force by getting the agility needed to access real time data through a smartphone or tablet to fulfill their daily tasks and stay updated as if they were in the office.

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Entersoft CRM®

is an innovative Customer Relationship Management system fulfilling the needs of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Maintenance Service (SLAs) divisions of an organization.

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Entersoft Pocketbiz®

  Entersoft Pocketbiz® is a complete suite of Android mobile apps (Pocketbiz Sales, Pocketbiz Field Service, Pocketbiz Pharma, Pocketbiz Track & Trace, Pocketbiz Business Intelligence)…

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Entersoft Analyzer®

is a stand-alone system where every business executive can access information from any Entersoft system or combination of on-line systems at any time from anywhere through any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, through a web browser.

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Entersoft e-Commerce®

is a complete e-commerce information system, integrated with ERP & CRM systems of Entersoft Business Suite® or Entersoft Expert®

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