Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA

“Productive sales force, more efficient field marketing”

Entersoft Mobile® Sales Force Automation, SFA amplifies the effectiveness of your mobile sales force by getting the agility needed to access real time data through a smartphone or tablet to fulfill their daily tasks and stay updated as if they were in the office.

Entersoft Mobile® SFA is a «device intelligent» application that guides the user according to corporate strategy. Corporate strategy, goals and targets are designed, implemented, monitored, controlled and optimized through the company’s ERP and or CRM. To capitalize fully on a mobile solution to automate sales, depends on the software’s ability to be integrated with the existing back office system. Entersoft Mobile® can be fully integrated with the existing ERP and/or CRM and become a single source of information throughout the enterprise.

The software facilitates sales teams to apply corporate sales procedures and safeguards enhanced and quality consistent customer service. It empowers sales executives with comprehensive and real time information allowing them to be focused, get informed decisions and achieve their targets faster and effectively.

Entersoft Mobile® SFA can:

Boost Sales Team Productivity, automated and streamlined sales processes with Entersoft Mobile® SFA enable faster and better sales, improve cross business communication, reduce unnecessary travel time and minimize bureaucratic procedures and paperwork. Customer data, trade, pricing and credit policy, pending tasks, orders, deliveries, sales opportunities and more are handy to the sales executive and are managed on the spot to support high sales productivity.

Reduces sales cycle, real time access to information facilitates decisions, provides faster service, and delivers better sales while reduces unresolved cases. Comprehensive data for products, their availability, documentation, etc., facilitate up and cross selling, delivering rich content relevant to the customer’s needs and requests. Real time, easy order taking and instant inquiry creation enhances sales and shortens the sale cycle.

Improve Customer Service, sales executives can be proactive and fulfill customer needs better than ever. Their Visit Plan is designed according to corporate strategy and targets balanced with customers’ needs. Sales force people can effectively focus on each sales appointment to offer targeted proposals at a click of a button guided by the device, while at the same time have instant access to the required supporting material. The software facilitates sales teams to apply corporate sales procedures and safeguards enhanced and quality consistent customer service.

Support Instant Informed Decisions, sales executives’ daily tasks are automatically registered at the back office delivering real time detailed information regarding sales goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), such as average productivity per sales call (Strike Rate), average time spent in each meeting, daily turnover, collections, etc. At the same time sales executives can get their own detailed reports to monitor their individual performance.

Entersoft Mobile® SFA supports data driven decision making with sales analytics, reports, graphs and interactive dashboards that provide comprehensive monitoring of the daily achievements and overall performance. Reporting that enables accurate budgeting, better segmentation, increased customer engagement and targeted marketing campaigns.

Some Of Our Customers Say ...

"With Entersoft Mobile SFA, we automated all stages of the sales cycle to corporate customers,from running a campaign and attending meetings to the course of our bidding on the market and the final activation of customer-selected services. We also managed to create in real time the optimal proposal customized to the needs of each customer, simply by writing down a questionnaire on a tablet and sending the offer immediately to customers as proposed by the
system. By doing so, we have minimized executive intercoms and delay for specific service approvals as the sales representative has all the necessary information and material he needs. WIND's corporate representatives’ time on the market has increased, making them more flexible and more direct, while the experience of our existing and potential customers is improving."

Th. Douros Indirect Business Sales Manager

”With Entersoft's mobile application, the sales team now has an integrated, easy-to-use and accessible tool that can help it to serve even the most demanding customer. The mechanism for making suggestions to the customer, based on the trends of decoration in combination with its needs, enables an effective tailor made proposal. In addition, the sales manager has the ability to manage the daily cycle of visits, work and sales of the entire team more directly and effectively.”

K. Vamkakidis General Manager

“Entersoft managed to help us offer to our customers not only high quality products but also services of equal value”

G. Gogonas IS Project Manager

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