Entersoft Mobile

“The new Enterprise Mobility generation is here”

Modern executives are constantly on the move and need to interact with their company, anywhere – anytime. With mobile devices, they can fulfil their daily tasks and stay updated. Entersoft, recognizing these needs, builds and provides those parts of its applications which are considered necessary, on any platform and any device.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® MOBILE systems for tablets and smartphones, organize and control your contacts and all activities “on-the-field” anytime, anywhere, as if they were in the office. Designed to operate standalone or fully integrated with ERP and/or CRM database, the high tech mobile applications provide the benefits of a single source of truth throughout your internal or external communication channels.

Entersoft Mobile Cross Platform is a unique approach to a unified platform for devices of any platform (iOS, Android, Windows) built for Entersoft ‘s products (SFA / Merchandising, Field Service, xVan, MedRep). Each team or each member may have the same software, the same functionality and almost identical user interface on any device.

Entersoft Mobile Cross Platform supports phone-based devices with targeted UX / UI adapted to their specific dimensions. The application recognizes the type of device and undertakes to operate on tablet-phablet or on phone version.

In addition, Entersoft ‘s mobile solutions portfolio includes Entersoft Pocketbiz, a complete suite of applications for Android mobile devices (Pocketbiz Sales, Pocketbiz Field Service, Pocketbiz Pharma, Pocketbiz Track & Trace, Pocketbiz Business Intelligence).

Other Products

Entersoft Business Suite®

is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, WMS, xVan and Business Intelligence applications.

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Entersoft Retail®

is a contemporary, standalone software application specifically designed for the retail industry with hybrid functionality (online and offline) and fully integrated with ERP, CRM and E-Commerce.

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Entersoft CRM®

is an innovative Customer Relationship Management system fulfilling the needs of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Maintenance Service (SLAs) divisions of an organization.

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Entersoft Mobile®

a complete suite of mobile apps (SFA/CRM, Field Service, xVAN, MedRep, Pocketbiz) that equips sales and customer service executives on field.

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SCM 360®

The Entersoft SCM 360 suite offers a comprehensive approach to Supply Chain management, combining software, analytics, hardware, automations and services, with a continuous investment in innovation. Dominant solutions, focusing on productivity and reduced operating costs, able to cover logistics projects of any size and complexity.

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Entersoft Cloud apps®

we bridge the Entersoft systems with third-party applications, with people wherever they are, through the powerful Entersoft API, with apps available on Entersoft cloud, with countless flexibility and adaptability options.

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Entersoft e-Commerce®

is a complete e-commerce information system, integrated with ERP & CRM systems of Entersoft Business Suite® or Entersoft Expert®

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