Entersoft Mobile MedRep

"The Ultimate Tool of the Medical Representative"

With Entersoft Mobile® Medical Representative, a Medical Representative has access through smartphones and tablet devices to all the information he needs about the places he visits and related to the products he promotes, as if he was in the office. The system supports all the peculiarities of this demanding market, uniquely collaborating with Entersoft CRM® to manage the large amount of information required and to describe the organizational structure of all healthcare providers and health professionals monitored by medical represenatives. The implementation of (CRM) processes is seamless and automated with: action guides, application of promotional tasks, easy completion of marketing research and utilization of their results for decision making and for subsequent actions.

Areas of responsibility
Territory management: Business relationships between Healthcare Professionals - Organizations & Healthcare Institutions - Institutions - Pharmacies - Workplaces
Design and Management of area of responsibility: Type of Health Organization, Brick, Specialty. Total area and Active area
Management of Healthcare Professional prescription power with dynamic ABC categorization per workplace
Product Line management with area rules


Visit data

Management of items and Medicines: Active substance, action, disease, side-effects and contraindications
Medical visits: Targeting and creating a plan of visits per cycle, healthcare professional, clinic, group selling. Automated visits to hospitals, with the selection of health professionals at the end of visits.
Instantly available visit history at the same site. Direct picture of future actions.
Medical Visit Action Guide: Drug Presentation Order and Hierarchy, present related brochures and material depending on medical specialty, interests, type of Health Organization and Brick
Medical Visit Assessment: Response Status (Positive-Negative-Neutral), history of previous responses per medicine
Data collection with targeted questionnaires - multiple types of questions per module, mandatory questions, complaints, product response, statistical analysis of responses
• Easy completion of expense items for reps
• Registration (participation) in conferences
Healthcare Organization tab with Structure Levels - Healthcare Professionals by Clinic, Division, Sector
Healthcare professional tab with roles per workplace, multiple specialties, interests

Statistical Information & Indicators (dashboards)

Business Intelligence tools: ABC Models, RFM Analysis & Market segmentation
Visitation area coverage rate, goal fulfillment rate, avg. visits and day summary, items discussed, Goal progress per ABC, Information Manager view for his areas of responsibility
Sales Analysis Screen: comparison of Pharmacy Sales vs. Healthcare professional responses in a specific kilometer radius, displayable on a map
• Ready-made special lists for submitting to governing bodies (e.g. a system for submitting to EOF related pharmaceuticals sales)

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Entersoft Mobile MedRep®

A Medical Representative has access through smartphones and tablet devices to all the information he needs about the places he visits and related to the products he promotes, as if he was in the office.

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