Proof of Delivery


“Eliminate bureaucracy and facilitate deliveries”

Entersoft Proof of Delivery (PoD) is a part of the Entersoft Business Suite integrated information system. It is addressed to companies that perform deliveries, transfers, 3PL, etc.

An important advantage is that it is offered either as a part of the integrated EBS solution or independently as an independent system that is interconnected with a 3rd party ERP or CRM system available at each company.

The Proof of Delivery solution helps to increase the company's efficiency by showing the driver and package location in real time, eliminating time-consuming paperwork, improving shipping accuracy and reducing time on billing cycles.

Entersoft Proof of Delivery supports all the traditional processes included in the concept of deliveries, both in terms of organizing and managing back-office tasks and in terms of mobile:

  1. On the Back-Office side, it supports the following key features:
  • Managing points of delivery
  • Creates delivery tasks for selected shipping documents
  • Access / View photos (posted in the field)
  • Deliveries per customer inspection and analysis
  • Reporting, Metrics, Business Intelligence, KPIs (Reports, Charts, Dashboards)


  1. On the Mobile side, it supports the following key features:
  • View delivery points
  • Map & Geographical display
  • Managing an agenda of visits
  • Receiving the recipient's signature
  • Take a photo of the package
  • Manage returns
  • View delivery targets
  • View messages for staff in the field (Notifications)
  • Reporting, Metrics, Business Intelligence, KPIs (Reports, Charts)
  • Remote synchronization & communication

Delivery management through Entersoft Proof of Delivery, contributes to:

More efficient organization and planning, the staff daily activity is recorded in a central system, offering detailed real-time information for the objectives achievement and the monitoring of important KPIs, such as average productivity per delivery, etc. Corresponding reports are also available to staff to monitor the achievement of their individual goals.

Faster deliveries, the employee has all the necessary information at his disposal to complete his goals faster and more productively.

Easy & immediate guidance, automated procedures and the immediate completion of tasks offered by the software, contribute to better inter-company communication, significantly reduce unnecessary travel and bureaucratic procedures. Thus, the software contributes to the increase of the productive time of all employees.

Offline - Online mode, the data are synchronized automatically and without the need for user action, as soon as the Internet connection is restored.

Immediate acceptance - receipt of customer signature, photographic confirmation of delivery / receipt of the product along with the signature of the recipient.

Reporting - Daily summary Reporting, the detailed information of Entersoft Proof of Delivery with reports, charts and interactive dashboards, provides complete monitoring and control of deliveries.

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