Entersoft Cloud apps

Getting the cloud and back-end world seamlessly and securely integrated and interconnected.


We bridge the Entersoft systems with third-party applications, with people wherever they are, through the powerful Entersoft API, with apps available on Entersoft cloud store, with countless flexibility and adaptability options.

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Entersoft Analyzer

The most essential information about all business operations, available anywhere, anytime, on line, from any device
Useful insights of what is happening in your enterprise without access to the corporate network, anytime – anywhere on any device (browser, smartphone, tablet). With ready-made reports, backed by powerful customization tools, Entersoft Analyzer can assist in making of any business decision.

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Entersoft Request For Approval

Approvals any kind of staff requests, without geographical or technical limitations
Web based solution for the approval of various types of requests for executives in the field or outside the office. Requests may concern customer offers or orders, expenses or other transactions, accompanied by comments or attached documents, and approvals can be implemented, with controller differentiation possibilities, depending on the amount.

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Entersoft Surveys

Questionnaires over WEB: The simplest way of collecting data from the market and of direct exploiting them, by the Entersoft CRM
Ability to implement questionnaires – surveys via a web browser by sending a relevant link to a recipient’s email address. Easy and fast data capture / storage of answers in the back office Entersoft CRM, with a built-in tool for evaluating and displaying the results with graphs and the option to drill-down to the responses for further marketing actions.

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Entersoft Customer In Store

Improve your customers experience in the Retail store
Web based application that involves the management of customer-member data within the store, by him. The customer can update the demographic data, can set preferences regarding GDPR legislation and get information on loyalty data (collected points, coupons, gift vouchers, etc.).

Entersoft Master

Support & monitor your Entersoft system 24×7
An application that facilitates the remote management of an Entersoft software installation. It offers to IT executives the ability to perform important administration and maintenance tasks, such as server restarts, system backups, activating / deactivating users and devices, managing user passwords etc.

Entersoft Business Suite Application Insights

Check how the users work on your Entersoft system and optimize its usage
Dynamic analysis of the use of Entersoft Business Suite family products. When using the application (data entry forms, scrollers, BITs, OLAPs, Dashboards), an authorized user with the option “insights”, can display a special report with statistics on the use of that specific component such as usernames, sessions, duration (min, max avg) etc.

Entersoft Mobile Online reports

Supervision of all mobile users’ activity from a web browser
Allows access to online reporting offered by the Entersoft family of business mobile applications (e.g. Entersoft Merchandising, SFA, xVan, Entersoft Field Service). The executives moving in the field, can take all necessary information to support their current tasks and with updated information about their entire clientele.

Entersoft e-Commerce

Complete solution for your portal through synchronization and co-operation with Entersoft back-end
Complete e-commerce Β2Β application, with a corporate presence scenario, item management, ordering, financial information for any customer or trade account. Easy search of products with stock availability, price lists, shopping basket (or file) for quick ordering. Additionally, it offers corresponding reports for order history, ageing balances, open checks, and a complete customer record.

Entersoft Microsoft Power BI Connector

Exploit your Entersoft Business Suite through the famous business intelligence reporting tool
It allows data extraction from Entersoft Business suite to Microsoft Power BI to generate multiple reports with countless scenarios and presentation layouts. It provides convenience with ready-made sets of entities, dimensions and measurable indicators (e.g. financial and commercial data, sales pipeline and retail data), without the need to know the database schema, tables and fields relationships, which would require great time, effort and expertise.

Entersoft e-Com Connector

The powerful Entersoft Web API supports a truly open system
Software connector that allows implementing the interface of Entersoft applications (via the Entersoft Web API), with third-party systems (e.g. e-Commerce portals, B2B or B2C web applications). It sends quickly and easily all relevant data (e.g. items, prices, offers, orders, etc.) for the proper information updates of the connected systems.

Entersoft MS Office 365 Integration

Instant information at the moment you need it
With Entersoft CRM Assistant and its integration to MS Office 365 you access through your e-Mail to all the information related to your customers, available in your corporate CRM, like cases, requests, complaints, resolutions etc.

Other Products

Entersoft Business Suite®

is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, WMS, xVan and Business Intelligence applications.

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Entersoft Retail®

is a contemporary, standalone software application specifically designed for the retail industry with hybrid functionality (online and offline) and fully integrated with ERP, CRM and E-Commerce.

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Entersoft CRM®

is an innovative Customer Relationship Management system fulfilling the needs of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Maintenance Service (SLAs) divisions of an organization.

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Entersoft Mobile®

a complete suite of mobile apps (SFA/CRM, Field Service, xVAN, MedRep, Pocketbiz) that equips sales and customer service executives on field.

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SCM 360®

The Entersoft SCM 360 suite offers a comprehensive approach to Supply Chain management, combining software, analytics, hardware, automations and services, with a continuous investment in innovation. Dominant solutions, focusing on productivity and reduced operating costs, able to cover logistics projects of any size and complexity.

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Entersoft Cloud apps®

we bridge the Entersoft systems with third-party applications, with people wherever they are, through the powerful Entersoft API, with apps available on Entersoft cloud, with countless flexibility and adaptability options.

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Entersoft e-Commerce®

is a complete e-commerce information system, integrated with ERP & CRM systems of Entersoft Business Suite® or Entersoft Expert®

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