Entersoft Business Suite

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Entersoft Business Suite® is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, E-Commerce and Business Intelligence applications.

Entersoft Business Suite® supports multi-company and multi-dimensional organizations in a single database. Get unified Dashboard Reports and B.I. Analytics from a single source of truth for the entire organization, real time in no time.


With Entersoft Business Suite® you can automate and speed up your Corporate Operations, Streamline Processes, Optimize Costs and Empower Timely and Effective Informed Decisions. An ample Business Software to support your business plans and strategic growth. Contemporary, scalable and flexible empowers quick and effective response to change, enhancing your competitive advantage.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® ERP system coordinates and distributes information across the organization providing Role Based business processes and information access as well as multiple best practices scenarios that enhance productivity and competitiveness. Comprehensive real time Reports, Dashboards and Business Intelligence analytics, via a single source of truth improves business insight and decision making.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® ERP modules include:

  • Financial Accounting
    • General Ledger
    • Cost Accounting
    • Fixed Assets Management
  • International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Commercial and Credit Policy
  • Cash and Liquidity
  • Cash flow management
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Inventory Management and Logistics
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Procurement and Supply Management
  • Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Customs Warehouse Management
  • Business Intelligence - Analysis
    • Entersoft BI
    • Integration with Microsoft Power BI
    • Entersoft Analyzer for administrative information from any device

Entersoft Business Suite’s® CRM system fulfills the needs of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service divisions of organizations, providing an integrated software environment for a 360o, real time insight of customers and contacts. Easy to adapt and versatile, Entersoft CRM increases customer visibility, provides seamless teamwork, employee effectiveness and advanced customer experience. See more…

Entersoft Business Suite’s® RETAIL system, specifically designed for the retail industry with hybrid functionality (online and offline), supports comprehensively the Retail Cycle, including orders, receipts, payments, credit card clearing, returns, powerful stock replenishment proposals, and incorporates best practices to perfectly fit your market needs. See more…

Entersoft Business Suite’s® WMS system is a modern, state-of-the-art software solution. It will enable your organization to decide upon daily operational processes, reduce complexity, optimize costs and manage resources within and beyond the warehouse boundaries. See more…

Entersoft Business Suite’s® MOBILE systems for tablets and smart phones, organize and control your contacts and all activities “on-the-field” anytime, anywhere, as if you were at office. Designed to operate standalone or full integrated with ERP and/or CRM data base, the high tech mobile applications provide the benefits of a single source of truth throughout your internal or external communication channels.

See more about Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA…
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Entersoft Business Suite’s® Ε-Commerce comprehensively supports all your e-commerce needs and functions for Β2Β and company portals and intranets, in no time. See more…

Entersoft Business Suite is ideal for large and medium sized enterprises as well as group of companies who wish to convert advanced technology into competitive advantage.

Entersoft is the first and only Greek company – and among a small number in Central & Eastern Europe – whose software has been certified and evaluated with more than 2.500 criteria by TEC, a company based in Canada, which certifies and ensures our customers' investment. See more…


Key Functionalities


Filter by Division/Role 

Net profit presentation (EBITDA) – any time

P&L presentation - comparison over years - Net profit growth rate through years - Sources of revenues - Cost structure/Contribution of each source to the overall cost.


Cash flows, cash adequacy, liquidity sources

Cash adequacy, direct and relative liquidity. Overview of cash availability, cash forecasted inflows and outflows originated from outstanding requirements and liabilities, from open orders to be invoiced, even from not-yet-implemented budget.


Payment approval and routing processes

Management and planning of payments. Approval processes. Auto create computerized checks or Bank payment orders. Mass view and manage the whole group of companies liabilities


Structured sales cycle

Central design of salesmen visit plans, based on responsibility areas, customer availability, periodical inspection policy. Ability to set targets and review results.


Sales effectiveness analysis

Turnover, gross profit, objectives achieving (%), by business dimension (e.g. product-customer groups, geographical areas, distribution channels). Analysis by lead source. Monthly and yearly comparison of sales KPIs.


Complaint management

Classification by severity - evaluation of unresolved complaints. Typical corrective actions and total cost of problem resolution.


Inventory management KPIs

Average storage time, average cost, cost variations, depreciation rates, stock turnover ratio.


Age and cost of inactive stock

Inactive stock age analysis and current cost. Facilitate decision-making on how to reduce it (e.g. divestment, special sale discounts).


Production cost structure

Justification of production cost per production phase, per product or product group and per cost origin.


Lots traceability

Complete tracking of lot history, starting from receipt or production and ending to the last shipment. Information about the route & current batch position.


Web-based versions upgrade, seamless clients synchronization

New version downloads & application upgrades in distinct steps to ensure the smooth operation of the system. Synchronize individual workstations automatically, with the user application login.


Corporate knowledge base in order to support all users and all processes

Systematized knowledge base for registering corporate news and announcements, operating rules, building security guidelines, common text templates, etc. Define search keywords and the user roles they refer to.


Liquidity and credit risk KPIs

Cash adequacy, direct and relative liquidity, turnover collectability, efficiency of collection mgt process per customers group, comparisons by month and year.


Monitoring corporate group’s business activity

Multi-company Τrial balances & Income statement view (by omitting intercompany transactions), Outstanding receivables and payables, Cost analysis, Total group's liabilities, Sales statistics & graphs, Revenues per point of sale, Multi-company cash flows.


Capital structure, leverage and liquidity KPIs

All typical financial indicators for capital structure and liquidity. Configurable "healthy" values for own industry and color-coded-view, based on deviation from "healthy" values.


IAS – On line update & compare to National Accounting System

Coexistence and synchronization of the two reporting systems. Comparative statements for all subsystems (Accounting, Fixed Assets, Inventory costs, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable). Calculation of deferred tax.


Gross profit – online order cost (per order line)

Online cost and gross profit while sale ordering, based on the current weighted average cost price. Ability to prohibit discounts that cause gross profit to fall below a minimum level.


Main navigation screen for salespersons daily activity

Management, evaluation, follow up of leads & sales opportunities through a central navigation screen (hot leads, daily and weekly activity plans)


Traceability of Support Cases

Tracking the history of each incident, for the entire chain of actions associated with it. Reporting at a customer and a technician level.


Task scheduling, calendar, availability, simplicity in assignments, appointment rescheduling

Assignment procedures to technicians, updated view of outstanding tasks, easy plan rescheduling, updating of work duration, detection of imbalances in resources allocation, over-allocations.


Available stock allocation to customers orders

Optimal ordering proposal with allocation algorithms based on various prioritization criteria (e.g. customer, region, delivery date, % order coverage, etc.). Automatic stock reservation for the approved delivery plan.


Stock replenishment scenarios

Replenishment proposal based on sales history, on stock limits, on production orders or on required stock adequacy days.


MPS: Production schedule

Production orders based on sale orders, on available stock - shortages, make-to-stock process (adequacy days) etc. Ability to intervene freely in the generated Production Calendar.


MRP: Material requirements planning, based on Production plan

Automatic calculation of raw material shortages to implement the production plan. Purchase orders generation on appropriate dates so to insure the minimum required stock level.


Multi-level privileges for user access

Rule-based system for user access rights to data, at the level of user groups (roles) and in any detail (from entire categories of data or processes to screens, fields, specific documents, rows, etc.)


Ability to develop additional functionality (customization)

The system provides several development tools for additional customization by specialized personnel without Entersoft's involvement (screens, reports, graphic reports, prevention of users errors, updates of financial data, design of input screens, of actions, of workflows, of search and navigation methods, reminders etc.).


Online budget review & projection forward

On-line monitoring of budget progress for sales, purchases, expenses and investments analyzed by business unit-activity. Calculation of forseen deviation based on deviation year-to-date.


Top – worst sources of profit

Items and customers with maximum or worst profitability, Compare gross profits of item classes, groups, customers regions, business units and activities, per month and year.


Consolidated view of trade person registry irrespective of role (customer-supplier)

Consolidated view of accounting (book) & commercial balance of a trade person irrespective of role (e.g. customer-supplier) and of the company of the group. Necessary information for balance payment process.


Accounting reconciliation process

Methods and tools for confirm accounting reconciliation vs subledgers and/or detect probable sources of discrepancies


Customer retention rate

Statistical analysis of customer acquisition rate and the retention rate of existing customers. Overtime comparison of average scores.


Online sales ordering through mobile devices

Easy input of key data for bids and sales orders for the salesperson. Structured menus, clear choices, easy movements and help on mobile or tablet devices without the need for extra training.


Service Level Agreements

Locations covered by the Contracts, response times, exclusions, warranties, terms, pricing and payment rules, etc.


Service efficiency and support costs control

Cost-effectiveness analysis and control of services cumulatively or by representative. Information on the number of tasks per progress phase or per priority and for the number or the rate of responses-problems solved.


Monitoring compliance of suppliers agreements – rebates

Recording all details of commercial agreements with suppliers, expected rebates, comparisons with actual rebates and highlighting of deviations.


Point of Sale replenishment process

Calculation of optimal redistribution of the available stock between stores, taking into account the maximum and minimum stock level per store, per item category and the priority of replenishing stores.


Auto-correction of consumption quantities, based on stock counting results

Automatic allocation of differences resulting from physical stock counting in (theoretical) consumptions, produced by BOMs.


Production process efficiency indicators

Production orders average processing time, products delivery time by customer order, product cost analysis and profitability.


Flexible data exchange tools with third-party systems

Simple data entry mechanisms (e.g. copy-paste) but also complex data exchange scenarios with other applications, based on standard and established international standards (txt, XML, excel, access, OleDB connection, etc.).


Consolidation of ALL business process management systems

All processes of all departments are designed according to the needs of each user role. Third-party systems are either integrated into the central system with appropriate automated data streams or abolished. As a result, management costs are minimized.


What-if scenarios / impact on budget & cash-flow

Incorporation of extraordinary provisions for risks eg. bad depts, extraordinary taxes or additional revenue in a joint projection with the Company's Budget and, respectively, with their impact to forecasted Cash flow.


Customers credit analysis

KPIs for payout time and delayed payments, Customer rating accordingly to compliance to the payment settlement, Customers reliability factor.


Collections monitoring & scheduling

Monitoring of outstanding receivables. All relevant information available, for effective communication with customers and schedule their payments.


Balance Sheet & Income Statement

Configurable Balance Sheet and Income Statement, using Excel integrated component


Order execution cycle & KPIs

Typical KPIs of sales process performance: average routing, preparation, delivery time and average deviation from agreed delivery date.


Competition analysis

Analysis of competition as it is captured through sales opportunities. Information for key competitors, causes of win-loss, lost revenues analysis.


The Support Contracts Billing Plan is incorporated to Forecasted Cashflows

Automatic generation of proforma invoice for services provided under the terms of the Support Contracts, which affect the projected income and cashflows.


Customer Service processes continuously collaborative to back office

Required spare parts, orders, receipts, internal dispatches, serial number management, invoices and receipts for the services provided


Stock control policy

Business rules for inventory control e.g. on-line check of stock while sale ordering, lot delivery rules, item withdrawal policy ). Protection against incorrect movements.


Infrastructure for implement any Retail Chain schema

Communication models, adaptable to the business topology & the structure of the Retail chain (privately owned stores, participatory, franchisees). Ability of autonomous operation and periodic synchronization of store-headquarters.


Retail “basket” sales statistics

On-line monitoring of daily store activity. Store statistics (turnover, sales volume) per hour. Retail "basket" KPIs based on visiting traffic or weather conditions.


Gross profit margin analysis

Origin and variation of gross profits over time, compared to the revenues variation. Profitability per order, per lot, for specific supplier items, etc.


Expenses budget compilation & on-line monitoring

Create budgets using top-down definition & allocation rules, for any cost center hierarchy - primary and alternative scenarios - Online review - Budget overruns.


Doubtful debts

Customers with checks expired, customers with multiple replacements of checks, customers with over N months debts, etc. - Detect, Alert, Evaluate and Map to strict credit policies.


Sales forecasts & on-line monitoring

Compilation tools for sales budgets by customer or item grouping dimensions, per salesperson, point of sale and other corporate dimensions. On-line monitoring of budget achievement.


Justification of customer discounts – discount source analysis

Justification of all discounts given to customers - analysis of invoice-level-discount and retrospective volume discounts. Customer rating, based on average discount percentage scales.


Credit control policy

Design - apply credit control processes, based on customer's history and level of reliability. Multi-level control and restrictions for protect the company from risky transactions. Approval process for exceed credit limits.


Loyalty schemes

Flexible loyalty policy implementation scenarios (eg value scale, item mix). Visibility of customer bonus points from any store of a retail chain.


Cost of customers’ indirect financing

Analysis of customer's financial behavior - Late payments interest calculation - ability to automatically charge interest.


Average sales cycle

Analysis of sales cycle for won and lost sales opportunities, average sales cycle per value level, per business unit, per representative. Variations of sales cycle per phase.

Some Of Our Customers Say ...

«The choice of a new information system that will support complex and dynamic needs of our group, especially after the acquisition of SHELMAN was very difficult task.
Having preference strategy to Greek products, we trusted the new solution of the Greek Entersoft. Entersoft Business Suite, proved to be the most technologically advanced and complete software. Our goal along with this investment was to unify organization of all processes of our group and enhance our openness and competitiveness”

Antonis Adamopoulos President & Managing Director, ALFA WOOD

“Entersoft Business Suite® and Entersoft CRM® implemented extremely quickly, covering our needs for our rapid development.
The unified company image and knowledge of our evolving customer needs makes us more competitive in the market and able to offer our customers better and more targeted services.”

C. Petroutsos Finance & IT Director

«Entersoft Business Suite® enabled our operations and our growth. Today, we consider Entersoft Business Suite® a vital element of our business. We daily get the benefits of our single source of information, with easy reporting, real time dissemination and use of information to grasp opportunities, as well as the automated and simplified workflows that facilitate processes and operations. Our staff embraced the new software application significantly contributing in its successful implementation. Additionally, Entersoft’s consultants played an important role in this by ensuring a smooth, low cost and on time transition to the new software.»

D. Xinou President & Managing Director, OK Anytime Market

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