Multinational activity









Horizontal currency support

  • Transactions in any currency
  • Daily exchange rates from Web-service automatically, with full history tracking
  • Currency per trader with the possibility of differentiation per transaction
  • Price lists in any currency
  • Budget in any currency
  • Οn-demandconversion of amounts in projections/prints in any currency at the current or other " giving " exchange rate
  • Targeted reporting of revenues, expenses, cash transactions, profitability, etc. in a base currency, with automatic application of the exchange rate at the time of the transactions involved, resulting in an ACCURATE and not an INDICATIVE result
Maintaining multiple transaction balances per currency and updating balances accordingly
Cash available in foreign currency
Automatic calculation of any exchange differences on each on-line payment and periodic automatic accounting
Report/results in foreign currency for companies belonging to or reporting to a multinational organization

Multilingual functionality

  • User interface in different languages for screens, prints, messages, etc. (localization - per installation)
  • Storage of data in different languages (names, descriptions, comments etc. in any language)
  • Possibility of real-time translation for selected text anywhere in the application

Multi-company operation & reporting

Flexible company data structure

  • Separate financial data per company, but common contact, support, customer service and list-structure-grouping-item properties, for integrated management and consolidation scenarios
  • Common-uniform identification of users, employees, departments and jobs, as well as access rights to functionalities, to facilitate the IT manager
  • Full description of the business structure of an enterprise (groups, group members, contacts, departments, roles, branches, etc.)
  • Uniqueness of entry point and way of storing "shared" data to minimize errors and correctness in reporting (e.g. titles, VAT, names, professions, groupings, transport companies, banks and more)
  • Easy, instant switch between companies

Intercompany transactions

  • Automation and minimization of typing in cases of transactions between companies of the same group (e.g. sale for one company, purchase for another is done by "transformation")

Group budget

  • Checking the progress of budget implementation with a "company dimension" and comparing the results of companies
  • Automatic conversion of budgeting data into "base currency" or choice of "single control currency"

Reporting at group level

Consolidated balances

Results after elimination of intercompany transactions

Open balances

Analysis of expenditure

Group liabilities – receivables

Sales Statistics and Sales Dashboards

Revenue per point of sale

Group cash flow

Currency consolidation

Sales evolution over time

Gross Profit Analysis

Turnover & Gross Profit Analysis by item category

Sales analysis with hierarchical display

Top customers – items

Turnover - Discount Ratio

Expected Turnover Analysis

Complex supply routes

Recording and monitoring the progress of shipments based on international standards

Retrieve logistics data in seconds, while conforming to industry demands and embracing consumer needs, from point of departure to the last mile.

  • Support for all related standards GS1, such as GLN, SSCC, various Barcode types
  • Customizable printing solutions ideal for (adhesive) label printing in warehouses and distribution centers
  • 3PL Integration

Goods in transit

Special "logical" storage areas for a complete stock picture

Orders under service


Integration with logistics providers

Integrate with ERP systems

  • Transactions
  • Deliveries
  • Production
  • Batch, lots

Integrate with WMS

  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Internal movement of goods

Data exchange with external systems

  • Serial numbers
  • Aggregations
  • Status of Serials - containers (outer-inners - Good, Destroyed, Shipped)