Credit control policy

Design – apply credit control processes, based on customer’s history and level of reliability. Multi-level control and restrictions for protect the company from risky transactions. Approval process for exceed credit limits.

Capital structure, leverage and liquidity KPIs

All typical financial indicators for capital structure and liquidity. Configurable “healthy” values for own industry and color-coded-view, based on deviation from “healthy” values.

Cash flows, cash adequacy, liquidity sources

Cash adequacy, direct and relative liquidity. Overview of cash availability, cash forecasted inflows and outflows originated from outstanding requirements and liabilities, from open orders to be invoiced, even from not-yet-implemented budget.

Doubtful debts

Customers with checks expired, customers with multiple replacements of checks, customers with over N months debts, etc. – Detect, Alert, Evaluate and Map to strict credit policies.