AI – Machine Learning

From processes and flows to Intelligence

Ready-made Machine Learning prediction scenarios

forecast of success in the sales pipeline

… whether and to what extend sales opportunities will be transformed into sales, by analyzing their individual characteristics, the historicity of sales successes, the competition, the sales phase…

forecast of cash inflows

… whether and to what extend the collection provisions which are embedded into the cash flow (based on payment agreements, based on the expiration of checks) will be implemented, an estimation based on the historical behaviour of customers.

forecast of timely delivery of orders

… whether the orders will be delivered on time (by the day/time of delivery or by delay estimation), by analyzing historical data of the units and resources involved in the service of orders.

optimal route calculation in routing orders

… geographical display of the proposed route calculated by combined algorithms based on the successive destinations of each route, the resources hours and customer-points, as well as geographical on-line data.

assignments to technicians based on skills and availability

… proposed division of service requests into resources, by applying algorithms based on schedules, time commitments and appropriateness-specialization of techniques.

customers clustering & classification

… Based on their characteristics such as turnover, credit time, number of requests, purchasing behaviour, answers to marketing surveys, etc. for use in future promotions or in internal business processes.

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