Information Security Policy

We are committed to produce high-end software, to improve knowledge within Retail@Link and to promote the relationship with our customers. At the same time we consider the information stored and transmitted to and from our infrastructure together with the continuity of our operation very important assets of our company.

It is our policy and objective to:

  • Satisfy our customers’ and stakeholders’ requirements and expectations and delivering world class software.

  • Guarantee all employees and subcontractors are aligned to the same objectives and targets: meeting the requirements for high end software.

  • Certify that all internal operations fully comply with local and International legal, regulatory and statutory requirements and standards.

  • Provide to all internal departments and groups the resources (financial, human, material, technological etc.) needed to achieve our targets and our information security and business continuity objectives

  • Control, maintain and improve our integrated management system through measuring continuously its efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Systematically review and adjust our business continuity and information security objectives as well as our operating processes with the aim of further improving both, our staff and our products.

  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information stored, processed and/or transmitted through our electronic and paper-based infrastructure by implementing certified information security practices, in line with applicable national regulatory requirements.

  • React immediately to any incident able to interrupt our operation and take the appropriate actions to restore our activities in the agreed time and with minimal information loss.

Achieving and sustaining these objectives requires a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees. The implementation of a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 provides a disciplined structure for the further development and improvement of organization systems and services to meet our customers’ and stakeholders’ current and future needs.

Compliance with the Information Security Management System is mandatory for all employees and subcontractors. Its success will be achieved by the commitment, dedication and participation of everyone in the organization. Each employee will therefore receive the fullest training and support to ensure that the ISMS is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization.