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Investment in new technologies and innovations is essential for the empowerment of our competitiveness and the continuous provision of value to our clients.

Entersoft software is developed exclusively on Microsoft .NET. All products are based upon enter.NET, the company’s own development framework, and they inherit uniform technical, functional, and architectural features:

  • Ν-tier distributed architecture allows multiple application servers for load balance in large installations
  • Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database
  • 64-bit support for application and database server
  • Usability based on the interface standards of Microsoft Office and Windows
  • Data exchange through XML Web Services
  • Fast remote access to support branches, retail stores and franchisees without the need of Microsoft Terminal Server
  • Powerful security and cryptography system for secure access through the Internet
  • Full embedded support of XML
  • Embedded OLAP analytics engine for multidimensional analysis
  • Live Update automatic version upgrade through Internet
  • Entersoft integrated business software has been tested and certified for Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure

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