Entersoft was founded in 2002 by highly experienced business software IT experts. Entersoft’s milestones during these years follow:


Founding year for Entersoft S.A. The company invested in Microsoft.NET platform for its Integrated Business Software Suite.


During the first semester, mid and large well-known Greek companies such as CPI and DIONIC which are listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, IASON Informatics and MAKITA Greece, selected Entersoft Business Suite®.

Targeting the needs of small and medium sized businesses, Entersoft launched its new product Entersoft Expert®.

15 IT companies from all over the country are trained on Entersoft’s products to become Entersoft Resellers partners.

Entersoft’s products are highly accepted in the market. The company enjoys the trust of more than 145 customers and supports more than 1.500 users.

Microsoft Corporation awarded Entersoft and its R&D Director, with the award of Microsoft .NET Regional Director Award, for the dissemination of Microsoft® .NET Technology Platform in the Greek Software Engineers Community.


The integrated business software solution Entersoft Business Suite® for large and medium sized enterprises was launched. The product was impressively and widely accepted by customers in Greece and within the two first months of the launch the software had already been chosen by 30 customers.


Entersoft introduced the National User Support Help Line with the number 801 100 40 40.

Entersoft Partner Network counts 40 IT companies nationally. Entersoft products are widely accepted in the market and increasingly enlarged its clientele. Entersoft triples its customer base, reaching the number of 450 with more than 3.500 users.


Entersoft is established in the high standards ERP market. It steadily enlarges its prestigious clientele. The company serves and supports 817 companies with more than 6.200 users.

Entersoft Partner network comprises of selected IT companies in all major towns all over Greece.


Entersoft launched Entersoft CRM®, an innovative CRM system fully integrated with ERP for the first time in Greece. Entersoft CRM® was immediately adopted and selected by many important enterprises such as DIONIC, AMY, EXPO, DERMACOM, AXEON, IFI GROUP, SCAN GROUP, SPANOS INDUSTRIES and more.

At the same time, Entersoft E-Commerce® is launched. A comprehensive e-com solution, fully integrated with ERP and CRM of Entersoft Business Suite® and Entersoft Expert®, or any other ERP/CRM system in the market. The product was widely accepted in the market as well.


The company’s intensive growth called for a restructuring on its commercial operations, thus splited it into Projects and Solutions Division and Enterprise and Partners Division.


Entersoft is listed in the Alternative Market of Athens Exchange.


The company founds Entersoft Romania Software SRL in Romania and Entersoft Bulgaria EOOD in Bulgaria, to exploit the opportunities in these markets and amplify its growth.


Entersoft continues to grow and acquires two Greek companies, Nova Consulting S.A. which at a later stage was absorbed by the Mother Company as well as Retail@Link S.A. The acquisition of the later, allowed Entersoft Group to enter dynamically into the market of electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing), exchange of electronic documents (EDI) and the market of Software as a Service supporting the supply chain management.

The company has been growing impressively, steadily enlarging its prestigious clientele. Entersoft has established a specialized Certified Partner Network that ensures quality support and implementation capabilities to its customers.


Entersoft expanded is Application Suite with two new products, Entersoft Retail® and Entersoft Mobile®. Both new products are fully integrated with the rest of the Entersoft Business Suite, as well as with any other known ERP system.


In June 2010 Entersoft won the «2010 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Greece» award. Entersoft was recognized for superior technology, innovation, driving customer satisfaction, winning new customers and excellent cooperation with Microsoft, out of an international field of top Microsoft partners.


Entersoft assessed by ICAP Group as one of the «Strongest Companies in Greece». This important acknowledgement verifies its creditworthiness and links the company to the most powerful enterprises in Greece, which are ready to face the challenges of our times. The «Strongest Companies in Greece» is a community of enterprises that are ranked at the highest Credit Ratings of ICAP Group. Only one in ten companies in Greece meet the required criteria to be included in the community of Strongest Companies.


Entersoft introduced Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4. The newly launched Release 4, offers new Business Intelligence capabilities, B.I. Dashboard Technology and Role Based User Interface, which transforms information into business attainment.


At the same time Entersoft Mobile® applications were enriched to further developed to «set you free from the office boundaries» beyond the expected, for iPad2, iPhone and Windows compatible devices


Entersoft is the first Greek Business Software Company to have its application available on Apple App Store.


Entersoft amplifies and expands its Partner Network nationally and internationally.


Entersoft S.A. acquired the company Cardisoft S.A., which specializes in information systems for Educational Institutions, Contact Centers and Voice Portals with great success and participates in IT projects for the private and public sector.


Entersoft S.A. won two awards at the 10th "MONEY Business Awards - George Ouzounis 2012", the 2nd Innovative Business Award 2012 and 3rd Best Alternative Market Company 2012.


Entersoft S.A. won two praises at the Business IT Excellence Awards 2012, one referring to its International Activity and its strategic export operations and the second one to the ERP implementation project in ALFAWOOD Group of Companies, with Entersoft Business Suite®.


Microsoft in Greece awarded Entersoft S.A. for its Cloud applications in Windows Azure. The company ranked first in the Windows Azure category in Greece, in the “Your Business - Your Fame” competition, for its cloud-based business applications E-Commerce and Mobile of Entersoft Business Suite®.


Entersoft Mobile® SFA, Sales Force Automation mobile application was the winner at AppWARDS 2013 at the Business & Corporate apps category.  


Entersoft S.A. was awarded the “Growth & Investment Activity” prize at the Business IT Excellence Awards 2013 for its investments in new products (Entersoft Mobile®) and for its development strategy to acquire technology and new distribution channels for market entry, locally and internationally through partnerships and company acquisitions.


In September 2014, Entersoft established a new company “ENTERSOFT MIDDLE EAST FZ-LLC” in Dubai realizing part of its investments plans to strengthen the company's presence in foreign markets.


In July 2014 Entersoft announced its investment plan for the next three years. The total investment budget for the period 2014-2016, is expected to reach €5 million. The company aims to invest in technological innovation, vertical markets and in its presence in foreign markets.


Two Entersoft customers, Electronet & L’Oreal Hellas, were awarded at Sales Excellence Awards 2014 for exploiting the benefits of Entersoft Mobile® applications. Electronet for its retail store in Crete won the GOLD Award at the category Innovative Retail Store for exploiting the benefits of Entersoft Mobile® Retail Sales Assistant application. L’OREAL Hellas won the BRONZE Award at the category Sales Technologies for two of its divisions, consumer products and dermocosmetics division for exploiting the benefits of Entersoft Mobile® Sales Force Automation & Entersoft Mobile® Merchandising at their field sales.


In January 2014 Entersoft acquired Alpha Software Solutions. The company was Entersoft’s biggest reselling Certified Partner based in Thessaloniki, with a branch office in Athens. With this acquisition Entersoft significantly reinforced its services capacity towards its customers.


2 Sales Εxcellence Awards for Entersoft for its software solutions in Frezyderm & Golden Brands. Entersoft won the SILVER Award at the Organizational Technologies category, for implementing Entersoft Mobile Sales Force Automation at Frezyderm. At the Digital Marketing & Social Media in sales category, Entersoft won the BRONZE award, for the beneficial implementation of the Entersoft E-Commerce and Entersoft Social CRM solutions at Golden Brands.


In March 2015, Mr. Stavros Menegos, R&D Director at Entersoft, was selected to be a Microsoft Regional Director. Microsoft acknowledged his skills and accomplishments in several important areas. Entersoft’s commitment to applicable innovation together with the significant and continuous investments in research and development, contributed decisively to Mr. Menegos’ selection by Microsoft.


In February 2016, Entersoft participates in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​giving special emphasis on the presentation of Entersoft Mobile Sales Force Automation & Field Marketing.

At the same time, and while revenues are returning to double-digit growth despite prolonged market downturns, it is expanding its client base with major new contracts for ERP, CRM and Mobile SFA with clients such as WIND, TERNA SA, SHOP & TRADE, KARAMOLEGOS, APOLLONION, ALCHIMICA, LAPIN, ALBA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, AGRIS, NITSIAKOS, INTERWOOD, VANOS SHIPPING SA, OUZO PLOMARI and many other medium and small businesses through the partners’ network.


In March 2017, Entersoft Mobile CRM / Sales Force Automation (SFA) is entirely evaluated by senior analysts at the Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), which conducts research and software selection studies for businesses around the world, and received excellent ratings compared to well-known and established suppliers and products such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SalesForce CRM, Netsuite.

Entersoft, as part of its new product development plan, introduced Entersoft Warehouse Management System (WMS) in June of the same year, which is characterized by its integrated operation with Entersoft ERP systems as well as with other ERP manufacturers in Greece and abroad, while addressing all medium and large businesses that want to organize and monitor their warehouses and logistics, focusing on the sectors of Wholesale & Distribution, Industry & Manufacturing and Retail.


In April 2018, Entersoft announces the acquisition of SiEBEN's Enterprise Mobility activity therefore enhancing its dominating position in the market and expanded its client base with major companies such as FRIGOGLASS, MARS, MONDELEZ, NUMIL, PEPSICO, E.J. PAPADOPOULOS SA, ION, ELGEKA, CRETA FARM, KRI-KRI, NIKAS, JOTIS, IFANTIS, MELISSA KIKIZAS, LOULIS MILLS, PAPASTRATOS, DRUCKFARBEN, AVON COSMETICS etc. The acquisition of Pocketbiz enhances its existing product portfolio on Apple iOS and Windows 10 with Android operating system solutions.

In November 2018, Entersoft hosts the 1st Entersoft Business Conference, bringing together over 500 top business executives, customers and partners who received valuable information on the practical side of digital transformation, signaling the continuously increasing confidence and participation in the “Entersoft ecosystem”.

In 2018, Entersoft WMS is awarded two (2) gold awards at the Supply Chain Awards, both as an independent participation and in collaboration with Karamolegos Baking Industry, while in the same year Entersoft was awarded at the “Diamonds of Greek Economy Awards 2018”.


In April 2019, Entersoft successfully organizes the 2nd Entersoft Business Conference in Thessaloniki, where more than 400 senior executives from the northern Greek business world gathered to provide information on the practical issues of digital transformation.

Entersoft announces in June 2019 the selection (from Microsoft head offices) of the company’s Technical Director Stavros Menegos as the Microsoft Regional Director for S/E Europe, a distinction that confirms his long-standing experience and the company’s investment strategy.

At the same time, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft's powerful business analytics service for analyzing and presenting data with stunning, interactive reports and dashboards, announces the integration of the "Entersoft Power BI Connector" into its Certified Connectors.

During the summer, Entersoft launches "Entersoft Analyzer" which enables data access from any browser / device, as another web-based application within the "Entersoft cloud".
An important distinction for its mobile solutions is the selection of Entersoft among the top 10 providers of Field Service solutions across Europe by the CIO Applications Europe magazine and its distinguished team.

Also, for a second consecutive year, Entersoft is recognized at the Business Excellence Awards as one of the "Diamonds of Greek Economy Awards 2019", while at the same year it received a distinction at the "MONEY Business Awards" in the "Business Innovation" category.
In December 2019, Entersoft Business Suite is certified by the Bulgarian authorities for full compliance with the new N-18 tax regulation, being one of the few full-scale ERPs certified for their functionality in both retail and wholesale sales operations.


In March 2020, Entersoft enters the regulated market of the Athens Stock Exchange, attracting a large number of new investors based on its excellent financial data.

At the beginning of the year, it announces the series Entersoft Mobile Cross platform - Cross device for its Mobile products, which launches the use of common software, common functionality, common user experience and a single user training process, for any operating system and any device, thus strengthening its leading position in Enterprise mobility.

In the context of continuous monitoring and timely incorporation of institutional changes, upgrades its systems by including the e-books update (myDATA platform of Greek Tax Authorities) along with the integrated solution e-Invoicing of its subsidiary Retail Link, a certified by Tax Authorities electronic invoicing provider, which implements interfaces to any third party ERP as well.

During Autumn launches the new generation of applications "Entersoft Business Suite 2020" with state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, radical upgrade of the user interface and incorporation of AI / ML models in all subsystems.

The first of the planned investments of the Group for this year is completed at the same time, with the acquisition of ERP Plexis activity of Computer Life in the vertical industry of clothing & fur production,  in the context of its preparation for the upcoming financial recovery and expanding this way the range of vertical markets it covers.

At the end of the year, the "resounding" strategic acquisition of Optimum is completed, a strong company in the supply chain field, giving Entersoft a leading position in the industry with the most comprehensive offer of integrated software solutions and an impressive clientele.


The dawn of the year is marked by the acquisition of Wedia, which specializes in the development of demanding Web and eCommerce applications, as well as in the provision of digital marketing services, therefore enhancing Entersoft's overall offering in the market.

During the same period, Entersoft created the new Software Implementation & Development Centre in Patras in collaboration with the local University.

On a product level, the "SCM 360" product family is created, which is addressed to the Supply Chain, combining software, analytics, hardware, automation and services to cover logistics projects of any size and complexity.

At the same time, as part of its solutions' evolution plan, Entersoft invests in MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning & Shop Floor Control), expanding its customer base to even more demanding industrial units, while two new products enhance the portfolio of its partners network: EBS Commercial Cloud & Expert Standard Cloud that offer Hosting in Azure and full SaaS infrastructure.

In the summer of the same year Entersoft receives an important distinction as it is included in the Greek Business Champions for the decade 2010-2020, for maintaining its steady growth with continuous investments in digital transformation solutions for businesses, thus contributing to their development.



As part of the Group's growth abroad, Entersoft acquires 75% of BIT Software in Romania, where, in combination with its existing subsidiary, it doubles its market reach.

During the summer it completes the absorption of its subsidiaries Optimum and Retail@Link and proceeds with the acquisition of LOGON SA, creating a new Software Implementation Center in Larissa.

At the same time Entersoft celebrates its 20th anniversary with spectacular events in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The year continues dynamically with important awards:
•    At the Supply Chain Awards, a gold distinction was awarded in the "Logistics & Transportation Services" category for the project implemented at DELTA FOODS SA, a silver award in the "Logistics Efficiency & Productivity" category for the solution at KOTSOVOLOS and a bronze award in the "Supply Chain Excellence and Transformation" category for the project at ROLCO.
•    At the Retail Business Awards, Entersoft won a gold award in the "Retail Logistics" category for the solution implemented in the logistics center of KOTSOVOLOS and silver awards in the "Best Digital Transformation Retailers" and "Retail Loyalty / Reward Cards and Programs" categories for the combined solutions at MARKS n' SPENCER.
•    At the Manufacturing Awards, Entersoft received the highest distinction of Industry Provider of the Year along with four additional awards for the industrial production projects implemented at ROLCO (gold award), VIOMAL and GRANTEX (silver award) and SOUROTI (bronze award).

In November, Entersoft acquires SmartPharmaSys and SmartMediSys from SMARTWARE INTERNATIONAL S.A., dynamically addressing the pharmacy and medical community, as well as the Intensive Retail sector with SmartRetail.