ES Foundation

ES Foundation is an introductory basic education to understand the basic structure, elements and use of Entersoft Business Software products. ES Foundation is a prerequisite to every other course of education and certification, thus is not by itself leads to a certification.

ES Foundation aims at:

  • Get familiar with the application environment and the user interface elements
  • Understand principal concepts and their conceptual and operational system model meaning
  • Acquaintance with modules and subsystems. Understanding their importance, how they connect, interact and integrate.


ES Foundation includes:

  • Desktop, utilities, search, personalization
  • Screens types, fields and printing abilities
  • Companies, subsidiaries, fiscal year and period
  • Users, User Business roles and rights
  • Contacts and Items
  • Multiple Company dimensions
  • Multiple currency matters
  • Structure of Financial data
  • Documents and information mechanisms
  • Field property profile