ERP Basic

ERP Basic, certifies the successful training and education in nearly all ERP relevant topics and issues met in an Enterprise, including software functionality as well as handling and parameterization of various business cases.

ERP Basic aims at:

  • Learning how to use and set up daily processes
  • Learning how to control and reconciliate Accounting documents
  • Get familiar with preset, ready-made documents –work flows library and Reports
  • Get to know Start up actions
  • A guide to ensure a proper system operation
  • Exploit information


ERP Basic includes:

  • Sales Function
  • Customer & Item, Pricelists
  • Prices, discounts, services
  • Sales persons and commissions
  • Sales statistics and reporting
  • Collection, Payments– Cash Flow
  • Back Office Function
  • Purchases & Procurement
  • Fixed Assets, Warehouses & Inventory
  • Expenses Sub-Ledger
  • Fixed Assets Registry
  • Accounting, Journal & Accounting documents, Template documents
  • System Initialization and Configuration
  • Full implementation a simple company