ERP Advanced

ERP Advanced deals with advanced ERP functionalities in respect to Industrial Production and Costing, Retail Management, Budgeting, Advanced procurement processes and so forth. ERP Basic is considered a prerequisite in addition to relevant Business Cases experience.

ERP Advanced aims at:

  • Learning how to use and adapt additional sub-ledgers, special business cases & cash flows, in existing functionality as well as in vertical markets
  • Production
  • Service
  • Retail Chains
  • Budget
  • Projects
  • P&L


ERP Advanced includes:

  • Assembly
  • Production
  • Budgeting
  • Advanced pricing and discount policies
  • Credit control and Approvals
  • Technicalities and Repairs
  • Allocated stock
  • Projects - Contracts
  • Cost Accounting, Administrative Accounts
  • Retail
  • Documents Configuration