Deep in the heart of the well-known Macedonian pasturelands lies Koufalia, Thessaloniki, and the milk processing plant of MEVGAL.

This privileged geographical position allows MEVGAL, the largest dairy producer in Northern Greece, to collect most of the fresh milk produced in the county and neighbouring areas, from nearly 1000 farms on a daily basis.Since all the farms are local, processing can begin within a few hours of milking.

The freshness and premium quality of the raw material is reflected in the wide array of end products: fresh pasteurised milk, high-pasteurised milk, yogurts (both European and traditionalGreek), cheeses, desserts and rice puddings, jellies and creams. Delicious, healthy products, delivered every day to some 26,000 sales points across Greece and, since export constitutes 30% of MEVGAL’s annual turnover, to 36 different countries as well.