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How can the optimization of sales strategy be achieved in a complex organization?

L’Oreal met the need to strengthen its presence in major points of sale, including pharmacies, supermarkets, beauty salons, and cosmetics stores. See how. L’Oréal chose Entersoft Mobile SFA® mainly for its flexibility in customization, based on the very specific needs of the sales department. The multiple functionalities of the solution, helped in the product launch planning based on the stock-in-trade analysis, in the minimization of the “unnecessary” visits, in the improvement and control of discounts for all FMCG chains, in the ordering through photos, and in the effective monitoring of the shelf share, in relation to the goals.

Kotsovolos (Dixons) effectively manages the sudden order increase at certain periods of high consumer intensity of the year, such as Black Friday.

The redesign of the KOTSOVOLOS logistics center, through the aberon WMS platform, was based on the implementation of Pick to cart, Pick to pallet, RF scanning, Mobile printing – labelling and Data collector solutions, improving the performance of the supply chain “down to the last line of order” and simultaneously serving hundreds of small orders with short delivery times to hundreds of different points throughout Greece.

Kotsovolos (Dixons) turned a huge amount of data into a wealth of information, achieving a better understanding of consumer behavior.

Entersoft CRM, combined with the built-in segmentation and business intelligence tools were the ones that took over and welcomed the huge amount of data. At the same time, through the Entersoft Retail system and its segmentation tools, data analysis of millions of transactions is performed and targeting is achieved in specific parts of the customer base for the implementation of marketing campaigns.

Chandris hotels reduced by 50% the time required for financial results and reporting, reducing by 50% the printing costs.

Through Entersoft Business Suite the company managed to organize the Procurement, Costing, Budgeting, P&L and Financial Management processes, to utilize the information in all business dimensions. The Financial Management is now able to produce consolidated results, financial statements, monthly reporting for the Management, and easily complete employee payroll and suppliers’ payments.

Hellenic Dairies managed to universally record the sale process at all stages, reducing the errors of communication between salesmen and headquarters.

The solution Entersoft Mobile CRM / SFA was implemented in all three countries where Greek Dairies are active, in order to automate processes in supermarkets, wholesale and retailers. Now all the data is measurable, from salesmen time consumed, to the work done at every point, giving a clear picture of the performance of each employee and consequently the team.