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BP reduced registration time by 100%, improving data quality by 95%.

With the implementation of the Entersoft BXS e-Invoicing solution, the manual sending and receiving of documents is now a thing of the past, giving way to digitalized sending and comprehensive electronic management, in compliance with the Greek and European legislation for data management.

Calin achieved a unified commercial & pricing policy and control of financial data of all the stores.

With Entersoft Business Suite (EBS) & Entersoft Retail, the greatest bet was achieved through the unification of different procedure flows and the real-time reliable data transfer of purchase orders (purchase orders, sales data reporting) of the points of sale. The CALIN Greece central information system automatically updates the respective CALZEDONIA SPA ITALIA information system, without any requirement of time commitment, or manpower, or use of data transfer external applications that required human

Unilever effectively manages the short sales cycle of the ice cream category and increases the time available for deliveries to the points of sale.

With Entersoft Pocketbiz xVan/SFA it enhances not only the flow speed of the information collected at the final point of sale, but also the possibility of immediate data processing and exploitation through rich reporting, achieving the main objective of the project; the increase in productivity through optimized time management. At the same time, the entire value chain benefits and is upgraded, strengthening the brand image for products managed by Unilever Cyprus.

FAIS GROUP monitors and updates simultaneously the available stock for its three e-shops

Through the innovative implementation of an automated Omnichannel scenario offered by Entersoft solutions, where for each sale (either from a physical or an online store) an order reservation is automatically created based on prioritization algorithms, with the simultaneous start of an intra-transfer process until the item reaches the final invoicing point.

The cooperative of pharmacists of Western Greece optimises order management and customer service

SEFAR chose to partner with Optimum, member of the Entersoft group, and its leading warehouse management system aberon. The system was designed to continuously monitor the workload in the warehouse and calculate when to start the execution of each order to be ready on time, automatically deciding which orders to send for execution and forward them at the last minute (just in time).

Rolco reduces total logistics costs by 88%, increasing staff productivity by 95%.

Through the implementation of Entersoft Business Suite (ERP, CRM, SFA, Service, WMS, Production). The biggest innovation that characterizes the implementation is the integration of WMS with the Production subsystem. This interconnection covers the whole range of logistics (inbound/internal/outbound), from raw material receptions and consumptions, to scheduling and production line with full traceability at every stage, separation between (semi-)finished and scrap products, picking based on separating inbound orders and customer orders for final delivery, as well as monitoring the inbound vehicle entry book at the factory gate, always with useful statistics and productivity indicators.