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SARKK Customer Success story entersoft erp & retail

SARKK improved customer engagement, by integrating processes in 4 countries taking into account the local specifics of each country.

With the Entersoft Business Suite (ERP and Retail) solution, the need for manual intervention has been eliminated. Also, the Entersoft Retail solution takes the Loyalty Program to next level, implementing the innovative Customer in Store service, aiming at centralized and unified creation and management of personalized offers to customers who participate in the Loyalty Program.

SANI Ikos Group customer story entersoft erp and retail

The Sani/Ikos Group manages the fragmented information from multiple revenue/expense sources for all its activities in the countries that has presence.

The implementation of the Entersoft Business Suite (ERP and Retail) and its interoperability with the hotel software, resulted in the consolidation of information regarding any of the Group’s activities in a single system. Management has complete overview of the financial performance of the group via the automation of the processes.

interwood customer success story entersoft business suite

INTERWOOD reduced data retrieval time by 75% and increased the production process speed by 73%.

With the Entersoft Business Suite unified information system (ERP, Mobile CRM/SFA, Production), information entry is centralized in a single point and inherited across all subsystems, providing a solution to all users. At the same time, of paramount importance for the product that Interwood distributes is the seasonality that characterizes it, due to the increase in production intensity during specific periods of time (which follows the corresponding seasonality of construction work), which was fully supported by the new ecosystem created by Entersoft.

Matzaridis Bros customer success story entersoft erp and crm

MAJAR MAJARIDI Bros. increased by 96% the speed of customer service, reducing by 90% the operating costs.

With the Entersoft Business Suite (ERP and CRM) solutions, the operation of the Commercial and Financial Department was upgraded in all areas. In addition, through targeted optimization work on the Database, on the one hand, the operating environment is no longer burdened by the accumulated historical data of several years, and on the other hand, a significant improvement was achieved in the ease and speed of user access to this historical data (online) for any fiscal year.

Kafkas customer story entersoft bxs solution

B. KAFKAS A.E. reduced storage costs by 100%, increasing productivity by 95%.

With the Entersoft BXS e-Invoicing & e-archiving solution, the company achieved a complete paperless solution for invoices, as well as their local electronic archiving. In addition, the existing infrastructure was used to implement the Entersoft BXS EDI solution, aiming at the automated entry of documents in the system and the electronic dispatch of orders, for further economies of scale.

BP reduced registration time by 100%, improving data quality by 95%.

With the implementation of the Entersoft BXS e-Invoicing solution, the manual sending and receiving of documents is now a thing of the past, giving way to digitalized sending and comprehensive electronic management, in compliance with the Greek and European legislation for data management.