EBS Archiving

No more old & unnecessary data in the live environment

Ability to store data from previous years and fiscal periods for faster operation of the production environment.

Entersoft Business Suite offers the EBS Archiving for "data history” to lighten the Database, while at the same time the historical data is available (archived) for reporting and analytics. The solution is implemented by the system administrator, through easy-to-use screens with appropriate filter options, for the safe movement of historical data.

Reduce Database Size

Focus on the data that is necessary

Improve system performance and speed


  • New task with the required options from the system administrator
  • Set time period (fiscal years from - to)
  • Automation to configure relevant settings
  • Definition of documents for keeping, transferring or deleting data (Keep, Purge, Archive)
  • Set tasks to save, move or delete
  • Automatic creation of scripts for archiving actions
  • View information about the execution status and duration
  • Full application history log

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