Entersoft Mobile

Entersoft Mobile® applications amplify effectiveness while on the go. Mobility empowers executives to respond quickly and effectively to business challenges and customers’ needs, to access, gather and share real time data through a smartphone or a tablet and stay updated any time, any place as if they were in the office.


Corporate strategy, goals and targets are designed, implemented, monitored, controlled and optimized through the company’s ERP and or CRM back office system. Thus, to capitalize fully on a mobile solution, for increased productivity, depends on the software’s ability to be integrated with the existing back office system.


Entersoft Mobile® is a standalone and a fully integrated solution with known ERP and/or CRM systems to fully exploit the gains of a single source of information throughout the enterprise’s internal or external communication channels.


The application is developed for smartphones and tablets on a variety of platforms, such as iOS, Apple devices, Windows and Android.


The software is multilingual and supports Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, VPN communication. Synchronization is performed according to parameters set by the business, i.e. connection of the mobile user to the back office or vice versa to one mobile user or a set of users.


Entersoft Mobile® incorporates an Integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) security system, equipped with a panic button that locks the application in case of emergency, while in case of loss of the device, corporate data can be erased instantly.


Entersoft Mobile® can be installed either in a local infrastructure or on Microsoft Azure Cloud, as a licensed product or as SaaS.


Loyal to its mission Entersoft develops scalable software to proactively cover the needs of our customers for increased productivity, optimized performance and proved return on investment.



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