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Entersoft Business Suite | ERP
Mixed Mode Manufacturing
Certified by Technology Evaluation Centers


Entersoft Business Suite ERP for Mixed Mode Manufacturing completed the certification program of Τechnology Evaluation Centers (TEC) the world’s leading online provider of software selection tools, services and research materials, that help enterprises evaluate and select the best enterprise software for their needs.


Entersoft became one of the very few business software vendors in Central and Eastern Europe to have its software certified by TEC. Entersoft Business Suite ERP proved that competes dynamically in the global business software market, empowering its expansion to more countries.

Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst at TEC mentions in the report«It’s not hard to see why Entersoft’s customers are very satisfied with the company, its products and its services. Organizations looking for an ERP solution that competes with larger, big-name vendors, like Microsoft, Sage, SAP, and Oracle but at a better price will want to include Entersoft in their selection process. Companies outside of Entersoft’s current coverage areas will unfortunately have to wait until the company expands into other geographies. »


Entersoft Business Suite | ERP

Certification Report in PDF

Entersoft Business Suite, ERP took part in a scripted product demonstration session and benchmarking analysis by a TEC Senior Analyst, as part of TEC Certification program. The Certification report verified that Entersoft ERP has the ability to provide solutions and support to real-world business processes. The report enables readers to get an in-depth review of Entersoft Business Suite ERP for mixed mode manufacturing from the point of view of an industry independent analyst from TEC.


According to the TEC Certification Report, Entersoft Business Suite ERP stands out for its Ergonomics & Usability, Workflows, Document Management, Security and its broad Mobile set of applications. Furthermore, the report considers as key product differentiators the Ease of Implementation and Maintenance as well as the Segmentation Studio, which is characterized “unique and versatile tool”. Segmentation Studio can immediately segment any structured data of the system, ideal for Sales and Marketing departments, which however, “can be used by virtually every department and is limited only by the imagination of the user” as said by Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst, TEC.

Entersoft Business Suite | ERP


About TEC Certification | TEC Certification is an independent analyst product review that requires a software solution provider to demonstrate its product(s) features and capabilities to a TEC research analyst. This consists of a scripted product demonstration where the TEC analyst can review features such as user experience and interface, workflow and pertinent functionality. In addition, the solution provider must complete a detailed functionality questionnaire so that TEC can benchmark the product against its known benchmarks. All products that complete the certification program bear the “TEC Certified Product” seal.
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