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Significant growth for Entersoft in 2017
Athens, 7 March 2018

The net income of Entersoft Group continued to rise in 2017 by double digits. In particular, the Group's revenue amounted to € 11.8 million, while earnings before taxes increased by 39% compared to the previous year and amoun...
Entersoft products support Linux operating systems for Microsoft SQL Server Database
Athens, 23 January 2018

From version 4.2, Entersoft products support Linux operating systems for Microsoft SQL Server Database. Linux is supported for both on-premise facilities and Microsoft Azure, giving more choice and flexibility to Entersoft...
Chandris Hotels choose Entersoft Business Suite
Athens, 14 December 2017 

Chandris Hotels is one of the most historic Greek hotels. Chandris' tradition of hospitality began with Chios Chandris Hotel, built in 1972. Followed by Metropolitan Hotel, which was built in Athens in 1977, and whic...
TERNA chooses Entersoft Business Suite for its Purchasing Department
Athens, 9 November 2017.

TERNA SA, a subsidiary of the GEK TERNA Group, has chosen Entersoft Business Suite to monitor the procurement procedures of the projects it implements, as well as to ensure and observe the internal control and transpar...
ELPEN Pharmaceutical Company selects Entersoft CRM - Mobile SFA/MedRp
Athens, 11 July 2017. ELPEN S.A., one of the largest Greek pharmaceutical companies, has chosen the Entersoft CRM & Mobile Sales Force Effectiveness Platform to be incorporated in its everyday business, in order to meet the needs of approximately ...
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