Entersoft holds 40% of electronic invoicing in myDATA

Entersoft shows significant quarterly increase in the documents upload to myDATA platform through the electronic invoicing service. As a result, the company holds a 40% share of all documents sent to the Tax Authorities during October.

The sharp increase in the number of documents Entersoft sends to the Tax Authorities each month, results from the inclusion of 55,000 companies in the company’s network, including some with high volumes of documents such as KAFKAS, Marks & Spencer, IKEA, Intersport, Speedex, VIAN-VIANEX, ELPEN and Galenica. Several of them also use the solution for the electronic invoicing of their transactions with public authorities(B2G) which is mandatory. In particular and only in the last quarter, Entersoft sent more than 27 million documents, which is expected to further increase in the coming months upon completion of pending projects.

The continuous growth derives from the benefits offered to businesses by the electronic invoicing solution. It reduces operational costs through dematerialisation of documents, enables the elimination of tax mechanisms in retail chains and ensures maximum security archiving in the cloud.