FOURLIS Group adopts ENTERSOFT’s comprehensive e-Ιnvoicing solution

The start of ENTERSOFT’s cooperation with FOURLIS Group, one of the largest groups of consumer durables with international commercial activities, concerns on the implementation of the e-Invoicing solution “e-Timologisi mou” for IKEA & INTERSPORT stores, which covers all retail/wholesale activities as well as the interconnection with the various document-issuing systems currently in use.

By adopting e-Invoicing, FOURLIS Group aims to minimize administrative costs and wasted time from the accounting department, through the digitization and simplification of business processes, having access to ENTERSOFT’s vast network of over 56,000 connected enterprises, as well as through the elimination of tax mechanisms due to the real-time issuing and sending to the Tax Authorities of the huge volume of retail receipts, while the ultimate goal is the dematerialization of all transactions.