Entersoft’s presence in the Pharmaceutical B2B market is expanding. Deal with Dynamic Pharma S.A. for its digital transformation

One of the largest private pharma warehouses in Greece, Dynamic Pharma, with more than 70 years of experience in the marketing, distribution and promotion of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, cosmetics as well as 3PL storage and distribution services on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, adopts Entersoft solutions for the complete modernization of its structures, aiming to upgrade its services and enhance its competitiveness.

The transition to a state-of-the-art integrated information system with direct and easy reporting was a key priority for Dynamic Pharma. After a thorough market research, the Entersoft Business Suite platform (ERP – CRM – Mobile – WMS) was selected to meet the extremely demanding requirements of Dynamic Pharma. The project will focus on optimizing frequent deliveries with accuracy and speed, servicing thousands of order lines daily, providing also interconnection with the robotic order fulfillment system (KNAPP).

Entersoft proceeds to the implementation of a wide innovative system that marks the beginning of a major investment of Dynamic Pharma in the context of its digital transformation, highlighting the contribution of Entersoft Group as a strategic partner of dynamic companies that follow a strong growth path in the pharmaceutical B2B sector.