New acquisition by Entersoft to enter the software market for Pharmacies and Intensive Retail

Entersoft S.A. announces the signing of an agreement with SMARTWARE INTERNATIONAL S.A., for the purchase of the software products SmartPharmaSys, SmartPharmaSys 360 @cloud, SmartMediSys and SmartMediSys 360 @cloud, aimed at the Healthcare industry and, in particular, at Pharmacies and the Medical community, as well as the SmartRetail and SmartRetail 360 @cloud which are aimed at the Intensive Retail market (Groceries, Super Market, Mini
markets etc).

This is the third acquisition by Entersoft this year and it marks the beginning of its new activity in the software market for small and micro businesses. Entersoft, so far, has focused mainly in the medium and larger segment of the market while recently has announced investments to enter this dynamic new market.

The Pharmacy Sector, acquired by Entersoft, has modern Cloud native solutions for all Pharmacies and Pharmacy chains while the Health subsector includes modern solutions for Cloud-based prescribing of doctors. With these solutions Entersoft will contribute decisively to the upgrading of outdated systems of the country’s pharmacies and doctors. The Cloud solutions SmartPharmaSys and SmartMediSys were introduced to the market in 2019 and since then, they have recorded an average annual revenue growth rate of 45% per year. In addition, the acquisition of software for the Intensive Retail Industry opens to Entersoft for the first time the Supermarkets, Mini markets and small retail sectors which constitute a large vertical market.