Marks & Spencer trusts Entersoft Group and implements the Entersoft Retail cloud solution

Marks & Spencer, one of the world’s largest retail chains in the apparel market, implemented the cloud retail solution Entersoft Retail of the Entersoft Group, for its 27 stores and 110 terminals all over Greece.

One of Marks & Spencer’s main objectives was to achieve real-time implementation of multiple, parallel and combined promotional actions directly in the stores, without the intervention of another system, based on data that now maintained and enhanced within the Entersoft Business Suite environment, providing rich, timely and accurate information for the achievement of sales KPIs.

In addition, the central management of the customers loyalty system, in order to benefit from promotions and redeem their coupons is enabled, with discount coupons being created within the system, for faster control and redemption. The result is full ‘visibility’ of the customer data from all stores, providing flexibility and a powerful upgrade of customers’ experience, who can be served from any point of sale, regardless of the store the original purchase took place.

Entersoft delivered to Marks & Spencer a flexible, friendly and scalable system, with an online interface and full integration with the company’s other systems, marking this way the beginning of a strategic partnership.