Entersoft: the CRM provider supplier for ADMIE’s subsidiary, Grid Telecom

Entersoft has been awarded the contract for the supply of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for ADMIE’s subsidiary Grid Telecom, which operates in the telecommunications sector through an extensive fiber optic network (terrestrial and submarine) of over 4,000 km in Greece.

With this project, Grid Telecom adopts Entersoft CRM, a powerful and technologically innovative platform, in order to organize its key operations. Entersoft CRM will facilitate the subsidiary of ADMIE in Commercial Management (management of contacts, leads and opportunities, activities, offers, sales forecasting and, in general, the whole sales cycle), Customer Service (communication with partners, service cases with assignments to specific executives, contract management & SLAs for its customer base), but also the whole operational cycle of the company, with organization of control processes and approval flows, as well as decision making tools with full managerial reporting.

An important aspect of the project is to ensure internal auditing of processes and data, with classified user rights. The scalability of the system will allow for additional functionalities to be used by the Finance department, the Commercial department, Purchasing, as well as the IT department and Management.
The functional completeness and technological innovation of Entersoft’s solutions, combined to many years’ of experience in business software and the excellent technical support that provides to its customers, ensure and strengthen its position as a strategic partner of Grid Telecom.