SEPTONA selects the Entersoft Supply Chain Mgt 360 platform

SEPTONA, one of the leaders in the personal care industry, with export activity in over 70 countries, 100% vertical production of cotton products and its own distribution centers in 5 countries, trusted Entersoft by adopting the Warehouse Management System aberon, the flagship of the Entersoft SCM 360 platform.

The goal is to automate all the supply, storage and distribution processes of the Distribution Center in Oinofyta (over 5000 sqm area) while complying with the rules of storage fefo – fifo, real time stock level updates and fast cyclical inventories.

The aberon WMS solution optimizes the entire range of the Septona supply chain, from the monitoring of raw materials and packaging materials reception- where proper product labeling speeds up the process, reduces errors and increases productivity, up to the order collection where through the use of portable terminals and smart automations, the orders of the final customer are completed on time and error free.

The automation of internal processes, the utilization of human resources, as well as the rich reporting to the Management will support the company’s vision for high quality products and optimization of its supply chain, through its strategic choice to invest in the most modern technologies.