Unilever and Betty Ice empower their business with the successful implementation of Entersoft’s solution to manage sales for its 100 permanent and seasonal outlets

Betty Ice, a well-known Romanian ice cream producer and retailer, part of the Unilever Group, has chosen to grow its business with the help of the Entersoft Business Suite platform.

The company was founded in 1994 and about two and a half years ago was acquired by Unilever. Betty Ice, an ever-present Romanian brand, offers the delicious dessert in a wide range of flavors nationwide.

Always pursuing a healthy growth, Unilever is one of the largest FMCG groups in the world, constantly investing in new and innovative technologies. So together with the takeover of Betty Ice, Unilever decided to modernize the software infrastructure in all Betty Ice sales kiosks, both seasonal and permanent.
After thorough research and evaluation of the business solutions in the market, the company chose Entersoft’s Business Suite platform for the Retail kiosks as well as the required backoffice operations. Thus, Betty Ice will be able to use an integrated IT system to help increase the efficiency of the entire business in the long run.

Entersoft Business Suite platform will support the entire retail activity of Betty Ice, from management and optimization of internal control and decision processes, to the improvement of retail efficiency, but also of the shopping experience for customers. In addition, the solution’s powerful reporting and BI subsystem provides key information to the management team, following the analysis of financial indicators at entire company level.

Entersoft Business Suite has been implemented in 100 points of sale and in 2021 it will be implemented in a further 100 Points of Sale. The project was realized on time, on budget through the collaboration of all Unilever, Betty Ice and Entersoft professional teams.

Thanks to the successful results of the implementation empowered by the software and given the breadth of Entersoft’s modular and integrated solutions that cover the whole spectrum of FMCG operations, the two companies are in the process of extending their collaboration in Betty Ice as well as other Unilever Group holdings.