In 2018 continued strong revenue growth and earnings for Entersoft

2018 was an excellent year for the Entersoft Group. Its strong growth was mainly driven by the acquisition of many new key customers in all its core products (ERP, CRM, SCM) and the acquisition of Pocketbiz business in mid-2018. This acquisition affected revenue only in the second half of the year.Total net income of the Group amounted to Euro 13.8 million, up 17%, while earnings before tax increased by 45% compared to the previous year and amounted to Euro 1.98 million. The significant increase in profitability is due to the economies of scale generated by revenue growth as well as to the good commercialization of WMS, Mobile SFA, SaaS and e-invoicing. All have been the product of 3-year investment in 2015-2017.

Entersoft and its subsidiary, Retail Link, have been able to claim larger new customer shares. Indicatively, we refer to the parent company of new clients such as ROLCO VIANIL, HELLENIC EXCHANGES, OLYMPIA ODOS, PETROGAS, EVERKA HELLAS, IONIKI SFOLIA, UNILEVER CYPRUS, GEROLYMATOS,  SAARK SA, ALTEX (Funky Budha), AKROLITHOS, MAX STORES, TARGET FARMA, NORMA SA , HELLAS CAN, PROFILCO, ISO-PLUS and hundreds of smaller ones through the reseller network. The Retail Link subsidiary also achieved important contracts in e-invoicing and Supply Chain Management services with companies such as KARAMOLEGOS, MARKET IN, BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, TORA DIRECT (PAYZONE), FRAPORT, NATIONAL FACTORS and many other large and medium-sized businesses.

In mid 2018, Entersoft, through the acquisition of Sieben’s Enterprise Mobility Pocketbiz division, managed to expand its already significant customer base with companies such as FRIGOGLASS, MARS, MONDEZEL, NUMIL, PEPSICO, PAPADOPOULOU, ION, ELGEKA, CRETE FARM, KRI-KRI, NIKAS, JOTIS, YFANTIS, MELISSA KIKIZAS, Papastratos, Druckfarben, AVON Cosmetics as well as hundreds of other medium and small businesses. At the same time it strengthens its activity abroad in countries such as Romania, Hungary, Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia.

Over the past three years, the Group has been consistently recording double-digit annual growth rates of earnings and profits. For 2019, Management’s pursuit is to continue on the same path of growth, spearheading the acquisition of new customers in ERP systems, developing work abroad, and further penetrating its new and innovative products and services into Supply Chain, Enterprise Mobility and e-invoicing services.

Last but not least, the recent Entersoft Business Conferences, held in late 2018 in Athens and early 2019 in Thessaloniki, attended by over 1,000 senior executives and other important members of the business community. The company had the opportunity to present its new investments for the 3-year period 2018-2020 aiming at further development in Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, Analytics and the field of Mechanical Learning, which is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence, contributing to the Digital Business Transformation.