Entersoft’s distinction as a Diamond of the Greek Economy

Entersoft, within the framework of the “Diamonds of Greek Economy Awards 2018” Business Excellence Forum, received the distinction of one of the diamonds of the Greek economy for 2017.

The Diamonds of the Greek Economy, awarded this year by New Times Publishing at an event held on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at the Great Britain Hotel in Athens. The event was attended by state representatives and executives of the most dynamic business groups and business entities in Greece.

The emergence of more dynamic and healthier Greek businesses is based on an assessment based on specific economic indicators and criteria, including profitability, debt burden, liquidity, equity to foreign capital, etc., while taking into account specific factors such as the capital invested by companies, their human resources policy, as well as their corporate and social responsibility policy. Within this framework, Entersoft has emerged as one of the most healthy and growing companies in the country.