Multiple distinctions for the Entersoft Group at the Supply Chain Awards 2018

Entersoft Group, within the impressive Supply Chain Awards ceremony, has won multiple awards by awarding three gold and a silver award. The annual award ceremony is an initiative of the Supply Chain Institute and Boussias Communications.

More specifically, two (2) gold awards were won by the innovative Entersoft WMS solution, both as a standalone participant and in partnership with the Karamolegos Brewery. The first gold prize was received by Entersoft WMS in the “Software and Equipment in the Supply Chain” category, where the multiple capabilities that the system gives to the day-to-day business processes of warehouses, reducing the complexity of operations and optimizing resource management. Gold award in the category “Innovation in transport – distribution” was also given to Karamolegos & Entersoft. With Entersoft WMS®, the Karamolegos Bread Maker has benefited directly from the simplicity of using and implementing procedures, the modern and user-friendly User Interface, the speed of procedures, the reduction of errors, the elimination of data transfer (since it now operates in a unified environment) and the simple and flexible use of the wireless terminal.

At the same time, Gold and Silver Distinction, the implementation of the Retail @ Link Vendor Management Inventory services for the complete replenishment of the warehouses in Diamantis Masoutis SA (“Collaborative Supply Chain Practice”) and e-Distributors Channel Management respectively for the daily DODONI Sales Representatives’ Data Collection (“Local Dealers – Special Partners”). Retail @ Link offered both Diamantis Massoutis SA and DODONI SA two systems of continuous performance monitoring of their associates with a constant, growing competitive advantage while at the same time strengthening trade relations for the joint achievement of KPI’s with win-win benefits to be disseminated to all actors in the supply chain.