EUREKA Group is active in the market for more than 50 years by investing in the triptych people, quality and trust. Today it employs more than 600 employees and has a strong presence in Greece, Cyprus and Romania.
At the same time, it has export activity in more than 20 geographic areas, such as Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Arab countries. With a turnover of € 65 million, it is the leader in the EUREKA CLASSIC – insecticide (AROXOL) – MASSALIAS detergents (EUREKA MASSALIAS).

As the digital world changes, digital transformation is considered a survival term for the future of the Eureka Group. The goal of the project is the transition to a modern information system that allows the analysis of a large volume of data in real time and the central supervision of the group through the integration of the critical functions and the financial control. At the same time, the goal is to optimize all processes in order to maximize efficiency and timely information to contribute to creating a competitive advantage.

The research and evaluation process, which included several domestic and multinational software solutions, resulted in the choice of Entersoft Business Suite as one of the most advanced and integrated ERP systems at the cutting edge of technology.

The decisive factors in the choice of this solution were the integrated management, supervision and deep knowledge of the business processes offered by Entersoft Business Suite, in line with the implementation methodology developed by Entersoft with remarkable success.

Entersoft Business Suite will be installed in all parts of Greece and will cover all Production, Financial and Commercial Management processes, thus enhancing the customer-centric approach of the company.
It will then expand to Cyprus and Romania, thus completing all the procedures and the Administrative Information of the whole EUREKA Group.