WMS – New product from Entersoft

Entersoft, today announced the Entersoft Warehouse Management System (WMS) as part of the EUR 5 million-investment development plan, presented about three years ago.


Entersoft WMS is addressed to all medium and large businesses that want to organize and monitor their warehouses and logistics. It mainly targets companies in the sectors of Wholesale and Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail. In the second phase of its development, the product will also target to companies in the Transport and Logistics sectors, which have particular needs and are expected to show significant growth in the future.


The main point in which Entersoft WMS helps an industrial or commercial enterprise is to automate the chain processes, and more specifically:

  • organize land-use monitoring of stocks
  • automate inventory collections and placements (pick and put-away warehouse processes)
  • organize the delivery process from suppliers to customers
  • perform large-scale inventories stock counts
  • optimize loading and shipment of goods


An important element is also the integrated operation of the product with Entersoft’s ERP systems but also with third-party ERP systems. In this way, Entersoft WMS, like all of the products developed by Entersoft, focuses on creating benefit, enhancing competitiveness and enabling the international growth of customers who choose it. It is expected to contribute significantly and to further strengthen the two-digit growth rate that the company has presented since last year.

It has already been installed in a number of companies of different sectors and sizes, including SHOP & TRADE (Fashion), KARAMOLEGKOS (Food), THALASSINOS SA (Packaging), VIAKAR SA (Automotive Spare Parts), AMVYX SA (Drinks), while many projects are in the process of being implemented for distribution companies, agro-industry, shipping, building materials, etc., thus covering a wide range of functions and vertical markets.