SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises empowers its Member Services with Entersoft CRM

SEV-Hellenic Federation of Enterprises constantly evolves its operations and offerings to serve better its Members. In this aspect the Federation adopted Entersoft CRM aiming to further improve its services.

Entersoft CRM supports in an agile and efficient way functions like Subscription Management, Event Management, Contact and Communication Management with Members and other Stakeholders. With Entersoft CRM implementation, SEV aims to respond quickly and in a targeted way to its Members’ needs, to design and offer new added-value services to its Members and the entire business community.

“SEV, is an independent and responsible representative of organized entrepreneurship in Greece and plays a leading role in the transformation of the country into a productive, exporting and competitive economy. To attain our institutional role, our targets and our Members’ expectations, it is essential to be flexible and effective. And this is possible only by adopting contemporary technologies and constantly improve our operational excellence. After having implemented Entersoft ERP, we decided to upgrade our operations with Entersoft CRM. Entersoft’s reliability, the acknowledged software and services quality, coupled with the effective cooperation the company has with the our executives, led to a quick and successful implementation of Entersoft CRM, through which we already enjoy positive results and improved services provision to our Members.” Akis Skertsos, General Manager at SEV.