Mr. Stavos Menegos, R&D Director at Entersoft, was selected to be a Microsoft Regional Director

Entersoft announces with great honor that Mr. Stavros Menegos, R&D Director of the company, was selected to be a Microsoft Regional Director. Entersoft’s commitment to applicable innovation together with the significant and continuous investments in research and development, contributed decisively to Mr. Menegos’ selection by Microsoft. Microsoft acknowledged his skills and accomplishments in several important areas, his deep knowledge in technology and IT business decisions, both Microsoft’s and its competitors, his leading and pioneering presence in the IT field, as well as his ability to disseminate his knowledge and expertise with speeches and significant online activity.

A total of 130 professionals from all over the world participate in Microsoft Regional Directors’ program, to help field teams and product groups win platform battles in Developer and IT Pro communities. Microsoft Regional Director’s conduct comprises of specific principles, participation is personal and valid for 2 years, they are not Microsoft’s employees and they don’t get paid from it.

Mr. Menegos mentioned: “Entersoft’s dynamics, its executives’ experience, its strategy along with its significant investments in technology, are the sources of knowledge and the foundation of its successful technological choices. My selection as Microsoft Regional Director is extremely honorable and I will contribute to the program with great enthusiasm. I am certain that I will have the opportunity to enrich and broaden my knowledge both from Microsoft and from the other RDs that participate in the program, while I will also share my ideas and knowledge, aiming at the development of innovative tools, solutions and services”.