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Entersoft’s Group Net Income increased by 18% in 2013. 13% of total Rev. came from int’l activities

Entersoft’s Group Revenues increased by 18% during 2013 as a result of its recent investments in mobile business software solutions and its international business strategy. Entersoft’s Group companies in Romania and Bulgaria contributed significantly to the results since they almost doubled their revenues during the previous year. Moreover, the company’s recent entrance in the markets of Qatar and U.A.E. added up to the positive results. Revenues from international business activity counted 13% of total Group’s revenues, justifying its strategy and potential towards multi-country business expansion.

Group’s Net Income reached 8,04m € showing an 18.28% increase compared to 2012 results, with EBT at the level of 1m €, notably increased compared to the previous year. The holding company’s revenues were at 6,22m €, increased by 10,44% and EBT at 1,04m €.

During 2013 the Group enlarged considerably its clientele with numerous new contract agreements, a fact that creates realistic potential for even better 2014 results. Entersoft holding realized important new contracts with customers like ASTRAZENECA S.A., L’OREAL S.A., PHARMASWISS S.A., GAP Pharmaceuticals S.A., FREZYDERM, LAVIPHARM S.A., ORPHEE BEINOGLOU S.A., MODA BAGNO S.A., ΜΕGΑ DISPOSABLES S.A., GOLDENBRANDS, FRIGO FOOD, EXIP TRANSPORT S.A., ACHAIA CLAUSS, DROMEAS S.A., PAVLIDIS MARBLES S.A., MOYZENIDIS TRAVEL, ARABATZIS S.A. HELLENIC DOUGH – MICHAIL ARAMPATZIS S.A., MP PHARMA S.A., VIACAR S.A., SAVALAS EDITIONS S.A., ANFARM HELLAS S.A., and many more. During 2014 Entersoft Group is expected to further increase its potential due to a large number of the new ongoing projects as well as for Alpha Software Solutions’ recent acquisition, as announced in January 2014.

Due to significant profitability improvement and prudent credit policy, the Group consecutively increases liquidity, which empowers its competitive advantage against major competitors. Group’s liquidity quick ratio is 3,57 while Entersoft’s Holding company liquidity quick ratio is 4,67, well above the industry’s usual ratio.