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Entersoft acquired Alpha Software Solutions

Entersoft announced the complete acquisition of Alpha Software Solutions, in implementation of its BoD approval on January 22nd 2014. The company was acquired at 406.000€ while its initial capital investment was at 35.000€ with 140.000€ equity on 30/11/2013. During the current extended fiscal year, ending on 31/12/2014, turnover exceeds 700.000€ whereas earnings before taxes are more than 100.000€.

Alpha Software Solutions specializes successfully in selling business software products and services and was Entersoft’s biggest reselling Certified Partner based in Thessaloniki, with a branch office in Athens. The company occupies more than 20 experienced professionals in the software business and serves an important number of customers. Its clientele comprises of well-known Greek business such as Tsakiris Mallas S.A, Savalas Editions S.A., Psichogios Editions S.A., Express Publishing S.A., Doral S.A., Viakar S.A., General Chemical Products S.A., Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art, and more than 400 medium and small sized companies.

With this acquisition Entersoft significantly reinforces its services capacity towards its customers, its partners and their clientele. Financially, the acquisition will have a positive impact on Entersoft’s 2014 revenues.