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Leading Construction firm in Cyprus selected Entersoft Business Suite®

LOIS Builders Ltd., one of the largest construction companies in Cyprus, selected Entersoft Business Suite®, to upgrade and integrate its information system to support its strategic growth plans.

Entersoft’s intensive export strategy increases its business opportunities by offering its products and services to many countries in South East Europe.

LOIS Builders Ltd. is a leading construction company in Cyprus, with more than 30 years of experience, international recognition and certified under ISO 9001-2008.

The new integrated information system will support LOIS Builders’ overall organization, coordination and monitoring of its Commercial, Financial and Project Management operations. Automated workflows for its business processes will ensure compliance to the company’s procedures and contribute improved project management at all stages. From the material supply stage and resource management to Financial Management, Budgeting and Reporting, up to the completion stage of a project at optimized operational costs.

Software functionalities such as Document Management, Microsoft Outlook integration, SMS gateways and CTI integration, enable seamless flow of information throughout the organization and uninterrupted communication with its partners and customers.

“Entersoft Business Suite® is powerful and agile software. It is a tool of integrated source of information that can support our complex operations and an enabler to implement and achieve our growth strategy in Cyprus and in other countries as well.” Mr. Michael Lois, Lois Builders Ltd., Manager commented.