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Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4 launched in Romania during 2011 Entersoft Enterprise Solutions

Bucharest, October 26th, 2011. Entersoft, a rapidly developing business software company in Central-Eastern Europe, launches Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4, an integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, E-Commerce and Business Intelligence functionality, for small and medium-sized enterprises and departments of large corporations.

Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4, provides advanced user experience through innovative functionality and role based user interface, process optimization, advanced Business Intelligence analytics and KPIs to empower timely and effective decision making and transform information into business attainment.


“Today, many business software solutions are not integrated, thus not able to cover all activities and functionalities of an enterprise. Others are so technically complicated systems that the organizations cannot really benefit from their broad functionality due technical difficulties and time consuming processes to enjoy the possible benefits. In such cases most of the times, the enterprise uses only a small part of the functionality available and maybe never gets to enjoy comprehensively the benefits of their software solutions, although this can integrate all the functionality they need. Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4, fulfills this gap, with a seamlessly integrated and comprehensive software solution through which immediate benefits can be derived, enjoying a user oriented and a role based interface. It is an agile system with low implementation cost and short implementation period, easily customized without requiring advanced technical knowledge.” Mr. Cristi Cozic, Country Manager, Entersoft Romania, said.

Entersoft Mobile®, part of Entersoft Business Suite®, was developed to help the mobile executives go beyond “the office boundaries” and enjoy a comprehensive application, fulfill their tasks and stay updated wherever they are, through a Windows compatible mobile smartphone or tablet pc and/or iPhone4, iPad, iPod touch devices. Entersoft MIS 360° is a mobile application that allows access to real-time Business Intelligence analytics, reports and almost any information available on the company’s ERP and/or CRM system. Additionally, the solution offers immediate on-line access to tasks, appointments and company data for products, prices, stock availability, contacts, claims and more. Entersoft MIS 360° is available at App Store and requires an Entersoft back office application, Entersoft ERP (Entersoft Business Suite® or Entersoft Expert®) or Entersoft CRM®, in addition to a relevant software license.

“Entersoft invests in research and development and innovates through business software solutions that optimize processes and enhance competitiveness. The launching of Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4, comes after a series of such strategic investments and in depth analysis of the needs and requirements of users, in addition to the international trends in this segment. We decided to launch the new release in the Romanian market as well, because of the positive changes in the local software market. Companies are increasingly interested in highly agile applications which are easy to implement, user friendly and provide immediate benefits. Entersoft Business Suite® Release 4, fully meets these requirements.” Dr. A. Kotzamanidis, Managing Director, Entersoft S.A. stated.

By the end of this year, Entersoft Romania will have in its portfolio 30 active customers, the majority of which are users of the new versions of applications. “Entersoft Romania targets in increasing its market share in the Medium and Large companies and further expand its Certified Partners network.” Mr. Cristi Cozic, Entersoft Romania’s Country Manager stated.