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Entersoft Mobile 360o available at App Store

Entersoft Mobile 360o application is now available at App Store, for iPhone4, iPad and iPod touch. Entersoft MIS 360o is a mobile application that provides real time access to corporate Business Intelligence dashboards, reports and almost any information available on your back-end Entersoft ERP and/or CRM system. Furthermore, it offers on-line instant access to tasks, appointments, to-do items assigned to or related to the logged-on user, as well as to corporate data regarding products, prices, stock availability, contacts, receivables and more. Entersoft MIS 360o is a mobile app to set you free from the office boundaries while still being connected to your Entersoft ERP-CRM real time, everywhere.

Entersoft MIS 360o is available at App Store, for iPhone4, iPad and iPod touch and requires an Entersoft back office application, Entersoft ERP (Entersoft Business Suite® or Entersoft Expert®) or Entersoft CRM®, in addition to a relevant software license.

Mr. A. Kotzamanidis, Managing Director of Entersoft S.A., stated: “Entersoft invests intensively in R&D and innovates through technology challenges aiming at optimized customer efficiency and effectiveness, facilitating their increased competitiveness. Having Entersoft Mobile 360o application available at App Store is one more step towards our mission to further empower our customers.”

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