Alfa Wood Group and SHELMAN, enhance their competitiveness with the integrated software Entersoft Bu

ALFA WOOD Group and SHELMAN selected the integrated software Entersoft Business Suite®.The contemporary information system seamlessly supports the reorganization of the group, especially after SHELMAN’s Inc. acquisition.The software automates all corporate procedures and offers the required flexibility that the group should have to adapt to the new business conditions.The Group wanted to acquire and implement an integrated information system that could support its strategic plans for growth.

ALFA WOOD SA is a wood processing industry founded in 1981 in Larissa and its operation used to focus on production and trading of furniture for the local market. Today, ALFA WOOD Group, employs 245 workers, possesses 13 factories, has branches all over Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as 11 daughter companies. The group exports heavily and is constantly a leader in the Greek wood market.

The complicated group activities along and its wide geographical dispersion raised the need for an integrated software with multi-organizational capabilities, to manage and monitor the group’s subsidiaries as well. Entersoft Business Suite® integrated solution, fully met the Group’s needs and requirements.The group strengthens its customer centric approach through Entersoft CRM®, which integrates marketing, sales and customer service functions. Furthermore, the software strongly supports the Group’s sales development via Entersoft E-Commerce®, with B2B and B2C portal, strengthening its customers’ and partners’ relationships. Entersoft Business Suite® supports the production processes, project management, and financial management, the on line product availability information and provides all the required dynamic MIS reporting tools. The software will be used by 200 employees.The previous software, SAP, which SHELMAN had, has been replaced by the integrated applications of Entersoft Business Suite® to meet all ALFA WOOD Group’s requirements and support its strategic growth.

Mr. Antonis Adamopoulos, President and Managing Director of ALFA WOOD S.A., stated: «Selecting our new information system that would support our Group’s complicated and evolving needs, especially after SHELMAN’s acquisition, was a very difficult project. We have a strategic preference over Greek products and we trusted the Group’s new organizational structure to the Greek business software development company Entersoft.Entersoft Business Suite® proved to be the most technologically advanced and comprehensive business software.Through this investment we strategically target to an integrated organization of all the group’s processes and to reinforce our extroversity and our competitiveness.»