The largest toy and infant products chain store, KOY KOY SA, in North Greece, adopted Entersoft’s ne

The new Entersoft Retail Solution with ERP, CRM and e-Commerce functions of Entersoft Business Suite integrated software application was adopted by ΚΟΥ-ΚΟΥ S.A..The company attained data unification, real time processes and better administration of the branch network.


ΚΟΥ-ΚΟΥ S.A. is the largest toy and infant products chain store in North Greece and the second largest nationally. The company’s headquarters is based in Thessaloniki. It’s a purely commercial company, consisting of 39 stores in 27 cities and targets to extend its branch network to all major cities of South Greece as well.


The company had diverse software systems, causing delays in data processing, thus many times missing essential information.To support future goals, ΚΟΥ-ΚΟΥ S.A. invested in restructuring the information system, ensuring data integration and procedures, transactions speed and security, user flexibility and amplification potential. Furthermore, the application provides sales monitoring per cashier through the Loyalty – CRM system, supporting and reinforcing the company’s customer-oriented philosophy.

ΚΟΥ-ΚΟΥ S.A.‘s Managing Director, Mr. Othon Pylarinos, stated “Entersoft Business Suite, is a powerful integrated software, user friendly with impressivecapabilities and will unify our company’s data under a common platform.We are certain it will be a competent ally, to better serve our customers and exploit market opportunities.”