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Agricultural Products

Entersoft has a long experience in implementing integrated solutions for Agricultural Products sector with a broad spectrum of solutions.

Entersoft ERP, CRM, Mobile, WMS, xVan and advanced BI Analytics provide an integrated seamless software platform for Agricultural Products.


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Entersoft’s mission is to provide constantly innovative and effective full range Integrated Enterprise Applications along with high quality services and support to ensure optimized efficiency for its customers.

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Some Of Our Customers Say ...

“With Entersoft’s mobile application, the Sales Team now has an integrated, easy-to-use and accessible tool that can help it to serve even the most demanding customer. The mechanism for making suggestions to the customer, based on the trends of decoration, in combination with its needs, enables an effective tailor made proposal. In addition, the sales manager has the ability to manage the daily cycle of visits, work and sales of the entire team more directly and effectively.”

K. Vamkakidis General Manager

“Entersoft Business Suite and Entersoft CRM implemented extremely quickly, covering our needs for our rapid development.
The unified company image and knowledge of our evolving customer needs makes us more competitive in the market and able to offer our customers better and more targeted services.”

C. Petroutsos Finance & IT Director

“Using the Entersoft Solution, the Sales Team has in its hands not only a powerful ordering tool but mostly a CRM that can help our sales people to serve the most demanding customer anytime. More specifically, we have organized the data for the daily appointments to customers in quantitative and qualitative characteristics. In addition, we have a mechanism for creating order proposal based on historical data. Nowadays, the Sales Manager has the ability to manage accurately the weekly and monthly cycle of appointments and sales for the entire team. Marketing Division has immediate feedback for the market and its cooperation with the Sales team is more efficient”

G. Gogonas IS Project Manager

“Today, it is not possible for a company with complex and demanding logistics procedures to function properly and profitably without implementing a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS). Entersoft recognised this and proceeded to create a product to cover exactly the above need. And VIACAR S.A. did not regret having once again trusted Entersoft in this field.”

A. Levis General Manager

"One of our main problems was the fragmented information and the delayed communication between Greece and our companies internationally due to multiple and different information systems. With Entersoft Business Suite® we have managed to homogenize information by integrating all of our data into a central IT system. As a result, we all have direct information on all our processes, from the production to distribution and from warehouses to accountants, in Greece and in our companies abroad. With the Entersoft Business Suite®, the aim of the financial management for direct and reliable information is realized, an aspect that in a modern business environment is translated into time and money! Furthermore, Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA®, with its structure and its numerous functions, is expected to provide solutions and new impulse to sales department, and we expect to immediately implement this in our subsidiaries outside of Greece as well."

A. Tasikas Financial Manager

“Our need for modernization was compelling. We selected Entersoft xVan because we were convinced that we would achieve our goal, as happened. Within a short time, we managed to avoid mistakes, our orders were increased and unnecessary workload was reduced. Our investment gave value not only to the company but also to all the employees.”

I. Amvrosiadis President CEO

“ For us, Entersoft WMS is one of the most important software investments in recent years. Thanks to its exceptional technology, it has brought the back office closer to the warehouse, with real-time updates. All our procedures are now automatic, exceptionally quick and effective, while management has at its disposal valuable information to support its business decisions.”

S. Markou Logistics & Warehouse Director

“With Entersoft Mobile CRM/SFA®, we automated all stages of the sales cycle to corporate customers, from running a campaign and attending meetings to the course of our bidding on the market and the final activation of customer-selected services. We also managed to create in real time the optimal proposal customized to the needs of each customer, simply by writing down a questionnaire on a tablet and sending the offer immediately to customers as proposed by the system. By doing so, we have minimized executive intercoms and delay for specific service approvals as the sales representative has all the necessary information and material he needs. WIND's corporate representatives’ time on the market has increased, making them more flexible and more direct, while the experience of our existing and potential customers is improving.”

Th. Douros Indirect Business Sales Manager

“Entersoft CRM has been the core platform we use to streamline day-to-day Sales and Customer Care operations. With its segmentation Tools we analyze millions of transactional data acquired by our Retail Systems, target segments of our customer base and run marketing campaigns. It provides us with customer insight as well as operational efficiency to support our sales growth. It has been a valuable investment with significant ROI to us.”

L. Athanasiou Chief Technology Officer


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